Xenon flouride

XeF2 Molecular Geometry, Bond Angles \u0026 Electron Geometry
XeF2 Molecular Geometry, Bond Angles \u0026 Electron Geometry

XeF2 structure and bonding
■ Structure:
■ The electron bonded pairs take the apex position in this trigonal bi-pyramid giving rise
to linear molecule.
■ The molecule is categorized as linear as the bonded pairs float around the central Xe atom
except the lone pairs.
■ XeF2 has 2 bonding pairs and 3 lone pairs so it has linear shape geometry.
■ Hybridisation:
■ Sp3d hybridised orbital.
■ F-Xe-F angle being 180 degree.
■ Xe atom has sp3d hybridisation, while that of F is sp3.
■ Xe usually does not form any compounds.
■ But in presence of strong oxidising agents like PtF6,
■ Its fluorides are obtained like XeF2
Bond angle:

XeF4 structure and bonding
■ Structure:
■ XeF4 is square planar.
■ It is an octahedral but because of the lone pairs, it dictate there 6 Domains around the
central atom.
■ And theVSEPR theory states anyAX4E2 specie with 2lone pairs is square planar.
■ Hybridisation:
■ Central atom Xe is sp3d2 hybridised having 2 lone pair on it so shape of molecule will
be square planer.
■ Bond angle:

XeF6 structure and bonding
■ Structure:
■ It has distorted octahedral structure.
■ According toVSEPR theory this molecule has seven electron pairs ( 6 bonding pairs
and 1lone pair).
■ Hybridisation:
■ The hybridisation in this molecule is sp3d3.

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