Words that Start With G

‘g’ Words | Phonics | Initial Sounds
‘g’ Words | Phonics | Initial Sounds


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G is the seventh letter of the English alphabet and is an interesting one for several reasons. For starters, the letter is one of the most commonly used consonants. You can easily find numerous words that start with G or contain it in the middle.

Because it’s a letter that you can find in every third word, it is important to include words with the letter ‘G’ in your vocabulary.

What makes it so important for a child to learn words that start with G?

A comprehensive vocabulary is helpful in a number of ways, making it all the more important for children to learn new words from an early age. When a child knows more words, they are better at communication.

Having a vast vocabulary help to enhance communication skills and instills confidence in children.

As they go on to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a better way, it builds a sense of confidence in them. As a result, they begin to interact with their surroundings more, thus building more knowledge of the world and its people.

Having a larger vocabulary gives them better performance skills, allowing them to understand situations better. They learn to understand instructions in a better manner and perform better in social situations.

It also makes them empathetic as their vocabulary enables them to build an understanding of others’ feelings and opinions.

In this post, we will have a detailed look and discussion at the importance of words that start with G. We will also learn everything there is to know about the letter.

Make sure you involve children in playful and engaging activities as those will boost your child’s learning ability.

G is a common letter that we come across on a daily basis. The most common words that start with G are girl, gym, get, and gorgeous. A lot of other words also contain this letter, such as ‘language,’ ‘egg,’ ‘angle,’ and ‘jug,’ are a few examples of such words.

However, the letter G is most commonly used to end verbs used in the simple present tense. For example, swimming, eating, or sleeping.

In general, the letter G has two different kinds of sounds. To help children understand, make them read out these two words out loud: fringe and finger.

Children will automatically notice the difference in sounds that G makes. Since both kinds of sounds are quite common, it helps children understand that they can’t pronounce G without any rule.

According to the basic pronunciation rule associated with the letter G, the G sound mostly depends on the letter that follows it. When the letter after G is I, E, or Y, G will be pronounced as /J/, also known as the soft ‘g’ sound.

So, when you say words that start with g, such as ‘gel’, g will make a sound similar to the ‘juh’ sound of the letter J.

For other words such as ‘grudge’ or ‘girl,’ you have to use the ‘hard’ G sound. You will use the hard g sound whenever words start with G, except for when the next letter is I, E or Y.

Remember that the rule applies even if the g is somewhere in the middle of the word. For words that end with G, the letter g will retain its ‘hard sound’: the /G/ sound.

Identify whether the following words that start with G make the hard or soft G sound. Some of them can be exceptions to the rule as well. Let’s see if you can also identify the rule-breaking words.


G is a common letter that frequently occurs in the beginning, middle, and end of various words. This means that there are a lot of G words that you can teach children for enhanced vocabulary.

It is important to introduce simple and easy G words to preschoolers as they are too young to learn and understand the complex ones. At this point, you can only teach them that certain words begin with the letter without getting into the meanings of the words.

Most of these words are common and recognizable nouns that your child probably already knows.

This is when you can bring in meaningful words to enhance your child’s vocabulary. At this stage, you can tell them the meanings of simple G words so they can memorize them. You can start by introducing the following words that start with G:

The elementary school covers grades 1 to 5. This is when schools introduce children to the basic concepts of subjects like English, science, and mathematics.

To help children learn new and difficult concepts, such as adjectives or fractions, we provide children with printable worksheets for better learning and practice. Here are some words that start with G for elementary school students:

To make learning fun, act out or draw the following words that start with G.

Here are some easy words starting with the letter G: Gel, Gum, Gate, Ghost, Grip, Glue, Green, Great

Some positive words that start with G are: Goodwill, Generous, Grateful, Genuine, Glad, Gentle, Glimmering, Giggly, Grand

Here are some words for preschoolers that start with G: Go, Get, Gap, Gut, Grapes, Goat, Green, Ghost, Gift, Glue, Girl

Some words that start with G, which can be used to describe a person, are: Gentle Giant, Grateful, Glamorous, Graceful, Good, Good-nature, Good-looking, Genius

Some 5-lettered G words are: Gloss, Gable, Ghost, Grape, Great, Grate, Globe

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