Will Geometry Dash 2.2 Be Revolutionary?

ALL FULL VERSION LEVEL 1~43 All Coin | GEOMETRY DASH 1.0 ~ 2.2 + Meltdown + World + SubZero
ALL FULL VERSION LEVEL 1~43 All Coin | GEOMETRY DASH 1.0 ~ 2.2 + Meltdown + World + SubZero

Geometry Dash 2.2 will be a revolutionary update because of the game-changing features being added, including the new camera controls, swing copter, and platformer mode. This will allow the community to experience new content, allowing them to play and build new levels.

The Community

Geometry Dash’s player count will increase even more and gain attraction from new and old players. This will challenge all players to become the best in their niche. Only time will tell who that will be. Here is the game’s player count from 2015 to early 2022.

Geometry Dash's player count

The Editor

Creating will also be a crucial part of the game that will change because of the new editor features being added, like platformer mode and the random trigger. These new features will jumpstart our minds into considering not only what is possible in the new update, but in all future updates down the line.

Swing Copter

The Unlikely Possibility

What if the update isn’t revolutionary? Will the community die? Will RopTop make more updates? As I said, this is very unlikely and will probably never happen, but if it did, the majority of the community would quit and regret waiting for the update out of frustration and sadness. The game would be dead after the impact of this.


This article is based on the following video I made about the topic.

In conclusion, Geometry Dash update 2.2 will be revolutionary and will bring joy to the community after a long five years of waiting.

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