Wide & Fast! Dave’s M&M Honda Racing Integra.

Everyone knows this feeling; you’re at a car event and you’re just looking around but all you see is a lot of cars that would look lovely in an Autostyle folder. Just when you’re about to think all is lost, you’ll find that one car that makes your day and fall in love instantly. Well this is my story about Hondafest and especially about this M&M Honda Racing DC5 Integra.

This car is owned by Dave, a very nice and kind man in his 40’s. He brought the DC5 all the way from the UK and this is a scoop, because this is the very first DC5 Integra with M&M bodykit in Europe. The car was completed just four days before Hondafest so when Dave picked up the car, he drove it directly to the Netherlands.

Dave was already planning to make his DC5 more beefy but after seeing pictures of a DC5 with this bodykit, he ordered a “Hyper Wide” kit from M&M Honda Racing in Japan right away. A DC5 already looks quite good with its factory body lines but slap on an M&M kit and it gets a very wide and racy look!

Add a Mugen frontbumper to the list and you’ve got a match made in heaven and just in case you didn’t noticed the big-ass FMIC…

… this car isn’t all about the looks! The little 2l engine produces 440 BHP and 350 LB/FT of torque. The low compression build K20A has been fitted with a Borg Warner S300SX twin scroll turbo and in the very typical Dutch (wet!!) weather it means it has wheelspin in all 6 gears!

So it has sick looks, a pretty fast engine but what about the suspension? Well, the car has been fitted with a Nitron R1 coilover set. Perfect for daily use but also very good in case you want to go for a more spirited drive! Dave’s comment: “I’m more limited in my driving skill then the car’s abilty to corner”. With the perfect stance achieved, the car needed a perfect set of wheels and Dave made a perfect choice in my opinion! The Volk ZE40’s really compliment the wide lines of the car.

Some of the comments from visitors at Hondafest were: “The overall best car at Hondafest today” or “This can’t get any better”, and I totally agree! Quite some time and money was spent on this car and the details and craftsmanship are sublime! Even the colour of this car is a very good choice (insert M&M candy joke) because this DC5 looks very good in black! It keeps the racy look of the car, but also makes the car very enjoyable to watch.

M&M Honda Racing really knocked the ball out of the park with their “Hyper Wide” DC5 kit. The overall quality is very good with perfect fitment. And thanks to Dave for ordering one, this makes the Honda scene a lot better! I certainly hope to see more cars fitted with M&M bodykits in the future.

– Stijn van Beek

Bonus images after the spec list!

Balanced K20A
Brian Crower Forged Con Rods
CP Forged Pistons 9.0:1 Compression Ratio
Ported & Polished Cylinder Head
Skunk 2 Over Sized Valves
Brian Crower Stage 2 FI Cams
Full Race Sidewinder Manifold
Borg Warner S300SX 9180 T4 Twin Scroll Turbocharger
2x Tial MVR 44mm Wastegates
Tial Q VTA Blow Off Valve
Full Race Intercooler & Pipework
Solid Fabrications Custom 3 Inch Exhaust
Hondata KPro ECU
Mocal Oil Coolers

Competition Clutch Stage 4 Clutch & Lightened Flywheel
M-Factory Forged 1st~6th Gear Kit
Quaiffe ATB Differential
ERT 3.9 Final Drive

Brembo BBK
Nitron R1 Coilovers
Volk Racing ZE40 Rays 18×9.5 ET22 / 18×10.5 ET15

M&M Honda Hyper Wide Kit
Mugen Front Bumper
APR CF GT wing

2016 Civic Type-R seats

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