When Will I Ever Use Geometry?

How Is Geometry Used In Real Life? Teacher Confessions
How Is Geometry Used In Real Life? Teacher Confessions

It’s understandable when students as, “When will I ever use Geometry?” After all, Geometry is a shift in mathematics in school. It’s the first time where students are asked to prove statements using definitions, theorems, and axioms. This can be difficult for students, especially because it is far different than what they have been expected of in the classroom in previous math courses.

For those of you that have struggled to come up with an answer that is sufficient enough for your high school or middle school student, which is a tough task to accomplish, this article is for you!

Here are a few reasons why your student WILL use geometry.

Will I Ever Use Geometry?

Logic and Reason

Geometry is a unique mathematical subject that combines logic and reason with visual figures. This helps students develop skills that will help them throughout their academic, social, and professional careers. Skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical reasoning.

Up until now, students have used memorization or followed a set of steps to arrive at one answer. Suddenly, students have to draw conclusions for themselves through definitions, theorems, and figures.

Then, there are proofs where students to think of how they can arrive at the solution. This forces students to explain the steps they are carrying out. The reasoning and logic needed are skills students can use in all areas of life.


Although every career requires basic geometry, there are a number of fields that use geometry on a higher level. These industries are just a few that require a great understanding of the subject:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Medicine
  • Logistics


Geometry is also evident in our free time when we are doing the things we enjoy. Sports, for example. Geometry is seen throughout the sporting world:

  • the formation of a soccer team,
  • the shape of each sports field, or
  • the angle to hit the ball in billiards

Other hobbies include Geometry, as well. Art, for instance, uses shapes, patterns, and proportions to create masterpieces.

Building Block for Higher Mathematical Learning

Geometry is a foundational subject to higher mathematical learning. Calculus, algebra, analysis courses, and many other higher mathematical subjects require a great understanding of Geometry. If students want to be successful moving forward in math, understanding geometry is essential.

The Simple Answer Is Always: Geometry Is Everywhere.

The properties and terms learned in geometry are everywhere. The ability to analyze shape, distance, and position is used in everyday life without a second thought and can be credited geometric understanding. Whether we think of it that way or not.

Geometry is a unique mathematical subject that is necessary for students. Although the question, “When will I ever use Geometry?” is common, geometry has an enormous impact on our day to day lives. I challenge you to now think of an activity that does not involve geometry. Having a tough time?

Author: Nate Baltzer, Teacher at A Grade Ahead

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