What Is Arts Infusion

Arts integration: What is it?
Arts integration: What is it?

Arts Infused Learning


    Arts infusion (also called Arts Integration) is an approach to teaching and learning that integrates skills and content from an art form (dance, music, theater, visual arts, creative writing) with another subject area (mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, etc.). By having instructional objectives in both areas, the goal of this blending is to deepen student understanding in the subject area as well as the art form, allowing both disciplines to mutually support and strengthen each other.
    For more information about Arts Infusion, please email Lori Patterson, Jessica King, or Sarah Kate Cremoux (Our Arts Infusion and Grant Writing Team) or call 864-594-4470

    Imagine these classrooms…

    • History comes alive as a third-grade class creates costumes, props, scenery, and a script to re-enact Revolutionary War battles they are studying.
    • Geometry connections are made as kindergarten students use famous pieces of artwork to find different shapes and lines. Then, the students create their own masterpiece using various shapes and lines they have studied.
    • A fifth-grade class uses musical selections and artwork to have a better understanding of the word tone and how it applies to literature.
    • A group of second-graders creates dances to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. Instead of simply talking about the phases, these students actually become the phases with their bodies.

    “When well planned and implemented, arts integration is one of the most effective ways for a wide range of students with a wide range of interests, aptitudes, styles, and experiences to form a community of active learners taking responsibility for and ownership of their own learning.”
    Arts infusion engages and motivates students by emphasizing active learning rather than passive learning. Understanding that students have different learning styles and various multiple intelligences, the arts generate numerous ways for students to construct and demonstrate their understanding of subject matter.
    This approach to teaching gives greater context to students’ learning and makes their educational experiences more meaningful. Instead of seeing each subject in isolation, students discover natural connections among disciplines, while deepening their understandings and synthesizing ideas.
    Arts infusion builds a community of learners who discover ways to work purposely and productively in groups. Arts infusion builds creativity and problem-solving skills where students learn to think “out of the box”. The arts provide multiple modes for students to create, which is the highest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, a multilayered model of classifying thinking according to levels of complexity.

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