What Does Fibonacci Spiral Tattoo Mean?

100 Sacred Geometry Tattoos For Men
100 Sacred Geometry Tattoos For Men

Leonardo Fibonacci, also known as just Fibonacci, was an Italian mathematician from the Republic of Pisa. Born in 1175 and died in the year 1250, Fibonacci was considered to be the most talented mathematician of the middle ages. In his composition of the ‘Book of Calculations’ written in 1202, he popularized and spread the knowledge of the Hindu-Arabic numeral system in the Western world. Not only did he do his teachings of the numeral system, he introduced Europe to the sequence of numbers which he called the Fibonacci Numbers. Fibonacci numbers consists of a sequence called the Fibonacci sequence. These numbers, no matter where in the sequence you may begin, are characterized by the fact that every number after the first two displayed numbers, when added together creates the sum of the next number in the sequence. This sequence and pattern of numbers goes on infinitely.

This is where the famous Fibonacci Spiral comes into play. Also known as the Golden Spiral, this is a form of a graph that is used to calculate and convey the patterns of the Fibonacci numbers. Nature uses this number sequence for everything that we know. From the blooming and structure of something as simple as a flower, to the galaxy and stars in the sky. This number sequence is strictly all mathematical and geometric. Mathematics plays one of the biggest roles in life. Mathematics is the study of numbers and it is used for us to think logically.

The number of petals on a flower, the number of spirals on the outside of a conch shell, are just two examples of a Fibonacci numbers. When putting this sequence of numbers on a grid, you can create a rectangle, with other rectangles inside. For example, a rectangle that measures at 12.94 by 8 centimeters is in the golden ratio. This is because 12.94 divided by 8 is 1.6175. If we add the length and width of the rectangle together to get 20.94, the ratio between this and the longer side, 12.94 is 1.16182. The number 1.618034 is considered to be of perfect proportion and any number that comes close to this is also considered to be perfect. The longer the sequence of numbers goes on within this graph, the longer the Fibonacci spiral descends.

Check out some of these Fibonacci Spiral tattoo designs below.

Fibonacci Spiral Designs

If you are considering getting a tattoo pertaining to the Fibonacci spiral, chances are you are very educated in the field of mathematics. The Fibonacci spiral design can be done in a number of different ways, literally, and those who have a passion for geometry, mathematics, and engineering are more than likely to love the idea of this graphic as a tattoo. Those who see this tattoo being sported that have never heard of the Fibonacci spiral will also show their admiration for this piece of art. The spiraling effect is very hypnotizing and the geometry behind it is mysterious and intricate. The main bases of this concept is the spiral effect. This spiral can branch out to different patterns within it. Since the spiral goes on infinitely, the image of the spiral gives the illusion of disappearing into oneself. Decorating this spiral is very common when getting it inked on the skin. For those who have a weak spot for waves and the ocean, the waves rolling in through the rectangle of the grid in which the spiral is showcased highlighting the geometry of the wave with the Fibonacci spiral, is not only a cool concept but it also highlights the construction and shows how the Fibonacci spiral is not just a ‘boring math thing’ but a beautiful part of nature and natural architecture.

Classic Spiral Design

Depending on how large of a graphic you decide to get for your Fibonacci spiral tattoo, placement with this one will be an important factor. Because this piece is so intricate and simple at the same time, choosing a place to have this inked will be the first thing you want to consider. Will you want the basic spiral that is seen when made onto a grid with rectangles or would you rather have a design just specifically showing off the endless spiral? If you decide to go with the basic pattern, a great place to show off your love for mathematics would be right on the forearm. The upper arm is also a nice place to display this tattoo and although this design could be interpreted in many ways, the classic Fibonacci graph spiral is always a hit, just be prepared to explain it to others who have never heard of Fibonacci!

Fibonacci in Nature

The Fibonacci spiral is everywhere in nature. Even us as human beings exhibit remarkable forms of this. The golden ratio that is of epic proportion is the heart and soul of mother nature. When getting the tattoo of the spiral, choosing images that can easily highlight the architecture within the graphic is the best idea. Images such as a blooming flower, a seashell, the ridges of a tornado can be incorporated into this concept. Even a pinecone is a brilliant example of Fibonacci. Since nature is so beautiful and pure, much like the Fibonacci pattern, it is a good idea to add some color to your nature themed Fibonacci spiral.

No matter how you look at it, the Fibonacci spiral is an elegant, and smooth tattoo idea. This tattoo can say a lot about yourself. It shows that you appreciate the essence of life and the science that goes along behind it. Every ecosystem belongs to this endless spiral one way or the other from our body proportions to everything else that we see out in nature. The Fibonacci spiral truly is one of the most beautiful and powerful set of numeral patterns that reaches far beyond its mathematical existence. This sacred geometry style of body art will never go out of style and will always be a mystical and mysterious pattern that will turn heads and be awe inspiring.

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