Welcome to the Steinjäger 4 Link Calculator

ROLL CENTER EXPLAINED by Jake Burkey- Tech Tuesday
ROLL CENTER EXPLAINED by Jake Burkey- Tech Tuesday

The 4 Link Calculator allows you to design, cost, and order complete linkages of multiple different styles, length, sizes and configurations.

You’ll get your choice of heim joints, male poly bushings, male clevises, and male rebuildable rod ends.

All linkages are double adjustable and ‘turnbuckle’ (one end will be left hand threads, the other end will be right hand threads).

If specifying Heim Joints (spherical rod end bearings), you will also be presented options for adding high misalignment inserts and rubber boots.

You’ll also have options if you want to include the mounting hardware for each end.

You can choose any combination of these:

This is how the linkage will attach to your vehicle’s chassis.

Options include attaching hardware such as bolts, but also includes weld-on pieces (such as axle tabs, straight tabs, parallel tabs, and clevises) that you will bolt to after welding.

Steinjäger tabs and clevises are 1/4″ thick steel.

For the weld-on tabs and clevis, you’ll need to know the following dimensions:

Although this software is called a 4 Link Calculator, you are NOT limited to the number of linkages you can design with it. The software will accomodate as many styles and links as you want.

Each end of each linkage can be a different style from its opposite end. Each end only needs to have the same thread size (which the software will automatically help you with). The bore and width do NOT need to be the same on each end.

Parallel Linkages: if some of your links are parallel links, you only need to add the parallel tabs on one of the linkages. The other linkage won’t need a mounting system since it will share the first parallel tab system you create. Thus, at the end of the process, this is what your two parallel linkages might look like:

The images representing the various parts shown in the Steinjäger 4 Link Calculator are NOT scaled. They are provided simply as navigational tools to help you pick the right type of end, and to have a visual inventory in your shopping cart. The lack of scaling is most obvious in the connecting tubes.

For each linkage, you will be asked to describe the left end, then the right end, and then the connecting tube. At the end of each linkage, you will be able to add more identical linkages, or begin designing the next custom linkage.

If you have any last minute questions, feel free to call or email us. We also have a chat line that’s often available (check the bottom left corner of the screen).

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