Wasatch Integrated Announces New Waste Sorting System

Meet Our Team – Jackie
Meet Our Team – Jackie

Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District has announced the construction of the Davis Materials Recovery Facility and Transfer Station at the site of the former burn plant. The new facility includes a state-of-the-art solid waste processing system.


Wasatch historically achieved landfill diversion rates near 50%. Closure of the burn plant after 30 years is placing a higher demand on the landfill, which will reach capacity within 20 years; however, the new facilities will extend the Landfill’s life.

What is being built?

A transfer station is a large, enclosed building where garbage collection trucks unload waste, which is loaded into larger trucks for transportation to a large regional landfill. This will allow the Davis Landfill to continue offering its customer service programs like self-haul waste and the household hazardous recycling facility.

A materials recovery facility (MRF) is a mechanized system of equipment which separates recyclable items from the waste stream. The MRF is designed to process all of the waste placed in our garbage cans and recover items of value.

What will be recovered from my garbage?

The MRF recovers recyclable materials with market value. It separates plastics, certain metals and cardboard. Mixed paper and glass will not be recovered. Organic materials will be sent to an anerobic digester to create renewable natural gas. Non-recyclable plastics and contaminated paper will be turned into an engineered fuel.

When will the project be finished?

The transfer station will be finished this Summer. The MRF should be operational in early 2020.

How much will this project cost and how will we pay for it?

The project will cost $20 million and is being financed with revenue bonds, the first bond undertaken by the District since 1984.

What about my garbage rates?

Garbage rates are nearly half of what they were in 1995. But they will increase by $2 per can, per month. The City collects and pays this fee, and it will be passed along to the customers.

For information, contact Nathan Rich, Executive Director of WIWMD, at nathanr@wiwmd.org or (801) 614-5601.

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