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So You Want A Sacred Geometry Tattoo | Tattoo Styles
So You Want A Sacred Geometry Tattoo | Tattoo Styles

Very loyal client Nathan came in with his long hair freshly shaved for this peony head tattoo. And also sat like a rock throughout the whole painful process.

Layered Geometric Sleeve – Chris Jones

Melbourne Tattooer Chris Jones has managed to Finish off another impressive Geometric sleeve while he’s still here with us at Vic Market Tattoo, if you are wanting to start a large project like this and love all things mandala, patterns and Sacred Geometry you really can’t go past Chris Jones.

Flower of Life Geometric Chest Tattoo – Chris Jones

Geometric Pattern Work Tattoos are only growing in popularity, These tattoos demand attention to detail and a strong understanding of contrast, balance and symmetry. If you are interested in getting something similar, Don’t go past Chris Jones and his years of experience.

Dotwork Geometric Sleeve – Chris Jones

Just a small part of a full sleeve recently finished by Chris Jones, if you love Black Work Tattoos, Geometric Tattoos and Mandala’s, Chris Jones is definitely the Tattoo Artist for you.

Geometric Sleeve – Chris Jones

Geometric sleeve done by Chris Jones on a super tough client, Martin.
Martin flew over from Tasmania to get tattooed and this sleeve was finished across four consecutive days.

Ornamental Mandala Back Piece Tattoo – Chris Jones

Another impressive back piece done by Chris Jones, Tattoos like this take huge commitment and dedication from both the artist and the client, but when its done you can get truly amazing results such as this.

Mandala Patternwork Tattoo – Chris Jones

Here is just a small part of a full sleeve made up of Peonies Mandalas and Sacred geometry done by Chris Jones. if you would like something similar you can get in contact with the shop to enquire.

Forearm Patternwork Tattoo – Chris Jones

More perfectly executed pattern work around a ornamental forearm piece all done by our dotwork specialist Chris Jones.

Geometric Sleeve Tattoo – Chris Jones

They say the Devil is in the details, so its fair to say this recently completed geometric sleeve tattoo is pretty devilish! it’s hard to really appreciate the full complexity of this tattoo from just this image so be sure to click Melbourne based Tattooer Chris Jones’ instagram tag below and check out the res of this incredible tattoo.

Large Mandala Back Piece Tattoo – Chris Jones

We have been waiting eagerly to see this large Mandala back Tattoo completed. Done by Melbourne Tattooist Chris Jones, (except small center mandala) this has been a huge effort by both Chris and customer Ellie.

Intricate Mandala Tattoo – Chris Jones

Mandala Tattoos haven been around for generations and Stem from many different religious circles, Seemingly gaining its popularity from Buddhist and Hindu religions. Chris Jones is highly regarded by all when it comes to his Mandala Tattoos, so if you are considering getting a Mandala Tattoo dont go past Melbourne Tattooer Chris Jones.

Dotwork Mandala and Flower Tattoo By Chris Jones

Mandala’s and Peonies go together like bread and butter, Melbourne tattooist Chris Jones has certainly mastered this recipe!

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