Vampire Survivors, one of 2022’s best games, gets two brand new modes

\”Vampire Survivors Only Works Because We’re Stupid\”
\”Vampire Survivors Only Works Because We’re Stupid\”

Enemies swarm the player character in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors’ official release adds even more content to the surprisingly beefy game. Developer Poncle shared the full patch notes on the game’s Steam page, and it includes new achievements, a new weapon, a new event stage, more music, and two new terrifying modes that aren’t for the faint of heart — one of which adds Twitch integration.

Inverse mode is exactly what it sounds like; the stage layout is now upside down. Players make more money and are luckier, but enemies are also far more deadly with a starting buff of +200% max health and an additional 5% max health every minute. For those who are truly dedicated, there’s an Endless mode that restarts enemy waves as soon as the Reaper would normally arrive. Enemies spawn in greater numbers and with more damage, making survival an even tougher task.

Players can also put their runs in the hands of Twitch chat. Twitch mode is available in the options menu; type your Twitch channel name in the text box and connect, and you’ll be good to go. Viewers can choose level-up decisions, special commands like reroll, and secret events.

Vampire Survivors had a humble start and exploded into massive popularity. In the patch notes, Poncle briefly discusses the future of the studio, saying “support for VS will carry on. As anticipated in the v1.0 announcement, we’ll need to do some QOL improvements on niche mechanics like Eggs and Limit Break, plus finishing the engine port. But brand new features are also in the works… […] We’ll be done with VS for real only once I – or you – get tired of it.”

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