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A screenshot of the user level in Update 2.1

User Levels are unofficial Geometry Dash levels created by players using the level editor. Players have the ability to like or dislike other users’ levels, suggest a star difficulty, compare scores with other players on the level’s leaderboard, and comment on them (if the player has a registered account). A copying feature is also available which allows players to save a copy of an online level (if enabled by the creator of the level) and edit it in the level editor.

Levels have the ability to receive rates, depending on the level’s difficulty and on its quality. There are three types of rate; a star rate, a feature rate, or an epic rate. Feature rated levels possess a yellow glow around the level’s difficulty icon, while Epic rated levels also add a flame outside the glow. If user coins are added, collecting them will not add to the player’s user coin count unless they are verified by RobTop — unverified user coins appear brown while verified user coins appear silver. Rated levels award stars and mana orbs upon completion. Mana orbs are also awarded for progression. Diamonds will be made available if the level is a part of a gauntlet or the daily level/weekly Demon.

Difficulty Stars Mana Orbs Diamonds

1 0 0
2 50 4
3 75 5
4 125 6
5 175 7
6 225 8
7 275 9
8 350 10
9 425 11
10 500 12

Finding levels[]

A user seeking a level must first locate the search screen. This is accessed by clicking the rightmost button on the main menu screen, then the bottom right button with a magnifying glass icon that reads “Search” in the Create menu. By applying various search filters, the player can quickly find their desired level. All searches default to most liked unless specified otherwise.

  • Difficulty rating: A user can choose from all of the available difficulties. They range from Easy to Demon and incorporate Auto and NA. The player can select certain difficulties at the same time. However, the NA, Demon, and Auto difficulties cannot be paired with another.
    • Alongside the demon difficulties added in Update 2.1, there is also the ability to search for them. A user can do so by clicking the Demon difficulty and the plus sign (+) that appears thereafter. The available difficulties are:
  • Level length: Shows only levels of the specified length. Levels can have a length of Tiny (less than 10 seconds), Short (10 ~ 29 seconds), Medium (30 ~ 59 seconds), Long (60 ~ 119 seconds), or XL (greater than 120 seconds). The limit seems to be 770 seconds or 12 minutes, 50 seconds
  • Star rating: Shows only levels that have been awarded star ratings.
  • Quick search options: These options can be used to quickly search for levels. They range from Most Downloaded levels to Friends levels.
    • Most Downloaded: Displays the levels with the most downloads in descending order.
    • Most Liked: Displays the levels with the most likes in descending order.
    • Trending: Displays the most recent levels with a high download rate.
    • Recent: Displays the most recent levels in descending order.
    • Magic: Displays levels that have most recently been sent directly to RobTop by Moderators in descending order. If the NA filter is selected, the tab displays the most recently uploaded levels with over 10,000 objects in descending order.
    • Awarded: Displays the recently star-rated levels in descending order.
    • Following: Displays the most recently uploaded levels from creators the player is following in descending order.
    • Friends: Displays the most recently uploaded levels from the player’s friend list in descending order.
  • Extra filters: The plus button below the “X” button contains extra filters:
    • Uncompleted: Filters levels that are uncompleted by the player. There is a setting to also display levels completed prior to 2.1, since the Mana Orbs will have not been obtained.
    • Completed: Filters levels that are completed by the player.
    • Featured: Filters levels that are Featured.
    • Original: Filters levels that are not copies of other levels.
      • This excludes levels that are uploaded as copies of themselves. This can happen by copying an uploaded level from the same creator and reuploading it with the same name. That way, the level’s ID will be preserved, however the copied level’s ID will not be reset. Also, the original ID will sit next to the copy of the level’s ID.
    • Epic: Filters levels that have an epic rating.
    • Song: Filters levels based on the selected song. Upon selecting this filter, on the bottom of the dialog there will appear controls to select the desired song to filter.
    • No Star: Filters levels that are not star-rated.
    • Coins: Filters levels that have verified coins.
    • 2-Player: Filters levels that have 2-player mode enabled.
  • Saved levels: The player can go to this button in the Create menu to view a list of all the online levels that a user has played in Geometry Dash, sorted so that the custom levels that the player has most recently played show up first in the list. By default, only 20 levels are available and allowed to play without loading them again. As of Update 2.1, up to 100 levels can be available.
  • “X” button: Resets all currently applied filters.

Uploading a level[]

When a custom level has been verified, the following steps must be taken in order for the custom level to be uploaded.

  • A level cannot be uploaded if it contains a start position (abbreviated as Start Pos).
    • Prior to Update 2.11, an exploit allowed levels which had High Detail mode to be verified legitimately in low detail mode and therefore able to be released. Moreover, the low detail mode button is only seen in the editor, which means that the level cannot be played with it.
  • The custom level must have a name (it cannot be changed once it has been submitted).
    • A description of the level can be left blank, as this is optional. It can also be changed, unlike the title name.
    • If the title is left blank, then it will be automatically named “Unnamed 0” and so on.
  • The creator can request the rating (and thus star value).
    • However, they cannot request a sub-difficulty for Demon levels.
  • The creator can enable or disable the copy availability of the level and can implement a password lock.
    • The creator can also make a level unlisted, which will cause it to only be accessible if you search for the ID.
    • The creator can copy their level even if it’s not copyable.
  • Based on user ratings and suggested star/difficulty ratings from level moderators, the level may receive a star rating (1 creator point), a feature (2 creator points), or an epic rating (3 creator points).
    • A level requires three submitted user ratings to receive a difficulty rating.
  • A custom level must be at least 10 seconds long or it may be deleted. However, there are still plenty of sub-10-second levels.
  • A custom level must also have at least 2,000 objects or it too may be deleted. However, there are still plenty of sub-2,000-object levels.
  • A Geometry Dash account is required to upload levels since Update 2.11 to the server to prevent abuse.


Level popularity[]

  • The most downloaded level is OuterSpace, a Hard level featured in the Fire Gauntlet gauntlet. It has more than 82.0 million downloads as of 2 July 2023.
  • The most liked level is ReTraY, an Easy level featured in the Alpha Pack map pack. It has more than 6.6 million likes as of 2 July 2023.
  • The most liked and most downloaded Demon level is The Nightmare, an Easy Demon featured in the Demon Pack 3 map pack. It has over 77.1 million downloads and over 4 million likes as of 2 July 2023, and it is also the third most downloaded level in the game.
  • The most liked and unrated level is Fernanfloo 2, with a Harder difficulty. It has more than 18.4 million downloads and 1.2 million likes as of 2 November 2022.
  • The most downloaded Auto level is Auto Play Area, with over 37.1 million downloads and 2.7 million likes as of 2 November 2022.
  • Usually, having verified coins is a perk only rated levels get, but there is one level named “Dark Angel” by a user named Rono which has verified coins but is not rated. This is allegedly because the level was rated at some point, but it was unrated by RobTop, and when RobTop unrated the level, he forgot to remove the verified user coins from the level. Beating the level with the coins still awards the player with verified user coins.
    • However this level was re-rated later.
      • The level was unrated again later.
    • Adding on, a popular map pack level with over 48.4 million downloads and 3.1 million likes (as of 2 July 2023) named “End Of Line” by PMK is featured but does not have verified user coins.
  • However this level was re-rated later.


  • As of 25 May 2023, the level ID 91000000 has been surpassed, meaning there have been more than 91 million levels on the server.
    • Most of these levels have been deleted for various reasons, including user-requested, moderator-requested or automatic server deletion.
  • The earliest level still uploaded to the servers is 1st level by real storm, with an ID of 128. It still exists with a Normal difficulty.
    • Robert Topala uploaded the third custom level, “Spike Spike”, with an ID of 130. However, this level was removed towards the end of Update 2.0 because of a hacker attack, occurring on 31 October 2016.

User level ratings[]

  • RobTop occasionally uploads “Editor Example __” levels which show examples of how to use different triggers and new gameplay aspects on the Editor.
  • A rated level can have its rating removed if it is later discovered that the verification was not legitimate or if the level contains a secret way.
    • There are, however, plenty of secret way levels as well as other hacked levels that are still rated.
    • A rated level can also have its rating removed if the level’s song was originally available, but later gets banned.
  • When inputting a name for a user level, some vulgar swears (with some exclusions) will convert into a hyphen.
    • Since the hyphen character cannot be typed into the search bar, user levels with a hyphen in its name can only be searched by their level ID.
  • Typing in 824253 converts it into “br-“. This does not happen in iOS or PC, only on Android. This is more likely an Android-exclusive bug.
  • In Geometry Dash World, as of 6 May 2021, it is confirmed that the following levels after #141 (WaterFall) are NA-rated levels spammed by RobTop, most being both uncommentable and unplayable.
    • However, there are still some levels that have about 100-200 downloads and not star rated.
  • In the beginning of 2.1, even though the Demon rating categories were available to select, all of the Demon levels were rated Hard Demon.
    • This was because the levels did not have enough votes to get their ratings changed.
  • The XL length was originally named “Extra-Long.” Update 2.0 introduced this renaming as well as a previously missing filter to search for XL levels.
  • The difficulty rating icons are based off of the Newgrounds emoticons.
  • When a player opened the comment section of a level, prior to Update 2.0 there was a button next to the creator’s username labelled “More”. By clicking this button, the player could view a list of the creator’s levels. This feature was removed in Update 2.0 due to RobTop encouraging the creation of registered user accounts.


  • Sometimes when uploading a level, the message when uploading would say, “Upload failed. Please try again later.”, even if you have internet connection. The only way to bypass it is by making a copy of that level.

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