Unity: adding Twitch integration to your game

My first time playing Vampire Survivors \u0026 w/ TWITCH INTEGRATION
My first time playing Vampire Survivors \u0026 w/ TWITCH INTEGRATION

Unity: adding Twitch integration to your game

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I’ve been working on Feisty Fauna, a casual roguelite where you’re a cute animal trying to survive. The game is inspired by Ragnarok Online and Maple Story for adorable creatures, World of Warcraft for boss fights, and Vampire Survivors for the roguelite gameplay. The demo is available on Steam, and the game is under active development.

One of the game features that I’ve been working on recently is Twitch integration. More specifically, when streamers play Feisty Fauna, their viewers will be able to participate and interact with the game! I searched online for tutorials on how to do the Twitch integration, and while articles do exist, there were some gaps that I had to figure out. Hence, I decided to write this article to share the steps I took, as well as offer the sample code (and Unity project) for others to refer to!

In this tutorial, we will be setting up a Twitch application and creating a Unity project that connects to Twitch. When the Unity project is run, Twitch users will be able to change the color of the light in the scene through chat commands (such as !red , !green, !blue, and !color [red] [green] [blue]). They will also be able to view a list of all available commands in the game via !help.

As always in my Unity tutorials, the Unity scene, assets, and source code for this guide are available for download as a Unity package. You can also access the files on Github. The project and code have been created to be easier to understand over efficiency, so you may want to do some optimizations and customizations for your own project.

Step 0: Registering the Twitch application

The first step is to register an application in Twitch. Twitch provides good documentation on the process, which you can refer to here.

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