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How to earn demon keys!! | Geometry Dash
How to earn demon keys!! | Geometry Dash

The Mega Shop Sells No Icons, Instead It Sells Death Effects, Trails, Colours, And Badges that appear on your account page and increase your leaderboard level.

a picture of Alinera

Alinera, the shopkeeper of The Omega Shop

Here is a guide on how to unlock it:

  1. Collect a demon key on a demon level, there is a 23.6% it will be a red key. Talk to Harold the demon shopkeeper by clicking him in The Demonic Shop and he will tell you to show it to the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper will say “Don’t tell me Harold sent you. He did? *sigh* Don’t waste my time. Ask the vault owner.” Go to the vault owner and he will tell you to insert it into the red chest in the treasure room next to Harold’s Shop. Do this and the rope will fall, Show Alinera the Mega Shop’s shopkeeper the master emblem and she will say “Who gave you this!? Someone stole it from my shop! That’s why I closed my shop!” Ask Scratch by clicking him in his shop and he will say “Huh!? What!? I only uh- ‘Found’ it.” Scratch will then confess and when you tell Alirena she will say “That’s it! I’m telling RubRub!” And Scratch will say ” He already knows, Alinera. He caught me stealing it and told me I should just my shop like a normal person. That’s why I hated that guy. He eventually forgave me though.” Alinera will say “Ok. Just don’t steal from me ever again.” She will then open her shop to you.

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