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How To Unlock All Icons In Geometry Dash Full \u0026 Quick Tips! 2022! Part 1 – Cube
How To Unlock All Icons In Geometry Dash Full \u0026 Quick Tips! 2022! Part 1 – Cube

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Welcome….. to the demonic shop…..

That’s right, ANOTHER SHOP, BABY!

New currency[]

The Hell Star is a new currency that is equal to 50 orbs. You can change some of your orbs with Hell Stars pressing a button in the corner of the Demonic Shop interface. Once you choose how many orbs you want to change, a message will pop up saying: “You’ll receive … Hell Stars, at the cost of losing … orbs. Are you sure you want to do that? (You can’t get back once you press ‘Yes’)”. If you press “Yes”, next to the number of orbs you have, there will be some Hell Stars.

How to get it[]

Step 1[]

First, collect all 3 coins in some of the main levels and then fail 100 times in total. Once the number of attempts is 101, you’ll be good.

Step 2[]

Then go to the Treasure Room and go to the new room to the right of Scratch & Potbor. There will be a red lock. If you click it, a demon will say,

“Before you get to my shop… you must prove yourself worthy… You must pass 3 tests to continue.”

If you click the red lock again, he will say,

“You must pass these three tests… They will test your power, wisdom, and courage.”

Steps 3-5[]

The 3 tests you’ll face can be found out by clicking him a 3rd time.

  • “First, you must be cunning and smart. Find the Master Emblem in the Secret Shop, and use it to enter the Gatekeeper’s lair, the Chamber of Time. Find the chest, and bring the white key inside to me.”
  • “Second, you must prove your strength. Beat every single Doom Gauntlet and Demon-packed Gauntlet level. Breaks are allowed. You must tell the Keymaster this. He will award you a black key. Bring it to me at once.”
  • “And finally, most importantly, you prove your courage, bravery, and perseverance. You must show your devotion to a level by spending 2000 attempts on the same level. You will get the most important key of all, the yellow key. Bring it to me at once.”

If you click on him another time, he’ll say,

“If you have all the keys at the same time, my shop will be open. Do not tell anyone about your desire to get to my shop. If you tell anyone, I’m afraid RubRub may get onto me. So ALWAYS KEEP YOUR DESIRES SECRET. I don’t want anyone closing my shop…”

If you click on him any time after that he’ll say,

“What did I tell you?! COMPLETE MY TASKS!!!!!1!!11!!!111”

If you click him 100 times after the dialogue about keeping your desire secret, he’ll say,


*The actual achievement gives you 1000 orbs, not 100 million.

Step 6[]

If you click him another time he will say:

“Oh yeah, I forgot to say, you need to remember: ‘Sometimes what is easy can be backwards’. I know it doesn’t make much sense, I just found it in the Demonic Shop Official Manual. It says that I need to tell you.”

It actually means that Stereo Madness inverted, and you need to beat it.

Step 7[]

Go to him once you’ve done all 3 tasks and beaten ssendaM oeretS. He will say,

“Thank you. I will open my shop to you. Congratulations on completing your tasks, and thank you for collecting my keys. Remember, SHARE SHARE SHARE. And you, dont get blocked”

If you didn’t click on him again before completing the tasks he will repeat the same dialogue saying that thing he found in the manual.

If you click the Keymaster after this, he’ll say,


“Have you been talking… to…

“Harold the Demonic Shopkeeper?”



I’ll leave it up to you what you can buy in the Demonic Shop! It could be a theme, it could be keys to new secrets, it could be icons, powerups, ANYTHING!!!!!!

Just don’t forget these 3 things that you must include.

  1. Item
  2. Prices
  3. What it does.

The Hell Boost, costs 1000 orbs. Press Shift while equipped and you will get a boost that breaks all blocks in it’s path. Lasts 10 seconds.

The Corruption Renew, costs 1250 orbs. Half way through any level, it will break any block or spike in a 5 block forwards distance.

The Pentagram, costs 10 Hell Stars. After you die, the pentagram revives you and gives you 5 seconds of invincibility

The Inferno Shard, 2 requirements: 30 Hell Stars and 12000 orbs. It can minimize your hitbox but you can only use it once per attempt.

The Chaos Orbit, Makes you invincible for 10% of the level, if you are on an extreme demon XL Length, you might need this, It is a red orb with fiery glow around it. At first it is sealed in 3 locks, you must perform 3 tasks, the first task is to beat 1 Extreme Demon. The second task is to beat 5 Extreme Demons, and the third task is to beat 10 Extreme Demons. Each task completed will give you a key that you use to unlock the seal. Then it will be a metal sphere containing it. You must figure out a code, first go to SubZero and you should see a door at the coming soon page. Click on it, The Shopkeeper says: What are you doing here? Wait… Is that the mythical door? I know it may sound weird but inside there lies The Level Keeper, if you complete his quest he will give you a key. The rest is up to you. Then click on the door again and The Level Keeper. He will say: Perform this quest to provge you are worthy, claim 10 creator coin. After you completed his quest he gives you a key that acesses a base with the code. The code is 20392910. Note it down and type the code in the Chaos Orbit container. Then you can purchase The Chaos Orbit.

A cube that looks like a square with a hexagon in it. Initially locked and cannot be seen, replaced by an empty space. Costs 50 amethysts. Is only unlocked immediately after you die at 40% in Hexagon Force at attempt 40. If you do anything else before you go to the Demonic Shop, it will stay locked. If it is locked and you click the empty space, Harold will say:

The “Land of Hexagons” refers to Hexagon Force, where you need to die.



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