The Demon Spectrum

Top 10 (almost free) easy demons | geometry dash 2.1
Top 10 (almost free) easy demons | geometry dash 2.1

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The Demon Spectrum is a concept made by Lionblaze’s Channel, who goes by the name of OpenChasm on Geometry Dash. It added a wide range of demon difficulties, along with higher star ratings. The Demon Spectrum currently ranges from a 10-star Peasy demon (9-star Schrödinger’s demon is not fully considered as demon due to its instability) to a 17-star Satanic demon. The full spectrum can be seen below.

The spectrum

Feel free to add examples of each. It is currently listed from easiest to hardest.

Some other people did this too. Here is a list of the people who did this.

SacrificeEveryThing’s List: here

FAULSEGODS’s List: here

The Demon Spectrum'

The original spectrum, as posted by Lionblaze

5 stars

  • Hellbound Demon (175 )
    • A well-known type of demon for being extraordinarily easy, thus it rewards only 1/8 of a demon point.
    • Stereo Madness v99, Trouble Runner, Geometry Earth.

9 stars

  • Schrödinger’s demon (425 )
    • These are originally demons (either actual or on request), but are too unstable and prone to difficulty changes
    • Cataclysm by Creator SR, The Creator by caio2000, Peaceful by Small and Zylenox, etc.
  • 450 orbs Non-Demon (450 )
    • Theoretical Type of level, very strange indeed… Has demon-like properties such as horns but its form is very twisted and very strange.
    • Mysterious Level by ???, XYZ by ???, Alphasm by ???, FAULSE? by FAULSE? (Citation needed), etc

10 stars


Harder-end extended spectrum

  • Baby demon (475 )
  • The icon for this demon in DiggyPT’s updated image is an edited version of HackerDragon9999’s baby demon, found on the “New Demons!” page
    • The Lightning Road, The Nightmare, Platinum Adventure, Shiver, etc.
  • Lesser demon (500 )
    • Impulse, Green demon, XStep V2, etc.
  • Quick demon (500 )
    • Apostrophe by Colon, Lights and Thunder by Lyod, Crescendo by MasK, etc.
  • Easy demon (500 )
    • Laser room, X, etc.
  • Average demon (500 )
    • cataclysm 1, Hextec Flow, etc.
  • General demon (525 )
    • Death Moon, Buck Force, etc.

11 stars

  • Moderate demon (525 )
  • Medium demon (525 )
    • Reanimation by Terron, Mountain King by FunnyGame, etc.
  • Hard demon (575 )
    • Jawbreaker (ViPriN), Clutterfunk v2 (snambs), etc.
  • Harder demon (585 )
    • Nine Circles, Jawbreaker (ZenthicAlpha), etc.
  • Intense demon (600 )
    • Shapes And Beats, Nine Circles XII, etc.

12 stars

Schrodinger's demon

Schrödinger’s demon, the demon of instability.


Peasy demon, later added into the spectrum and later replaced with baby demon

  • Excessive demon (600 )
    • Acropolis, Toe III, Lazer Rage, Secret 2.0, etc.
  • Painful demon (600 )
    • Necropolis, Future Funk II, etc.
  • Rage demon (600 )
    • 8o, UltraSonic, etc.
  • Crazy demon (625 )
    • SuperSonic, TakeDown, etc.
  • Insane demon (625 )
  • Panic demon (625
    • Falling Up, FingerDash v3 (BGames), etc.
  • Arduous demon (635 )
    • AcropoliX, Catastrophic, etc.
  • Greater demon (650 )
    • Temple of Destiny, El Dorado, etc.

13 stars

  • Hell demon (650 )
    • Cataclysm (Ggb0y), Aftermath, 10sh, etc.
  • Reaper demon (675 )
    • Duelo Maestro by Nacho21, etc.
  • Extreme demon (675 )
    • Ice Carbon Diablo X, Heartbeat, etc.
  • Subsonic demon (700 )
    • Fingerdash v3 (Noriega), SubSonic (ViPriN), etc.
  • Ultrasonic demon (700 )
    • Red World Rebirth, Daybreak, etc.
  • Evil Demon (700 )
    • PanaSonic, Nerfed Silent Circles, etc.

14 stars

  • Legendary demon (750 )
    • Bloodbath, Sakupen Hell, etc.
  • Divine demon (750 )
    • Ranks about equal to an impossible demon
    • Astral Divinity/God Eater, Blade of Justice, Low Death, etc.
  • Superdivine demon (760 )
  • This difficulty represents in-the-middle divine demons.
  • Levels in the 40-70 range in Pointercrate’s Demonlist.
  • Hyperdivine demon (775 )
    • This difficulty represents higher-end divine demons.
    • xo, Erebus, Sonic Wave, etc.

15 stars

  • Colossal demon (800 )
    • The Plasma Pulse series
    • Calculator core, Renevant, Bloodlust, etc.
  • Tartaric demon (800 )
    • Named after Tartarus, this difficulty is exclusive to the top 5 demons on the demonlist on
    • Crimson Planet, Kenos, Zodiac, Tartarus, The golden, SWI, Nerfed Slaughterhouse, Firework ,etc. (If there is)

16 stars

  • Silent demon (850 )
  • The classic Silent demon series are usually just levels but some guy decided to buff the living shit out of it.
    • Silent Clubstep, Silent Circles, VSC, etc.
  • Hyper-tartaric demon (850 )
    • Cloup, Cloup v2, Cloupism, Unnerfed Blade of Justice, Unnerfed Innards, Exasperation, Orochi, etc.

17 stars

  • Satanic Demon (875 )
    • Unnerfed silent circles, Unnerfed The Golden, Bloodbath (with fixed hitboxes), Galaxy Collapse, Nerfed Kingdom Of Miracalis, etc.
    • Levels with difficulties higher than this (codenamed harder satanic and insane satanic, etc.) are not present (including their forms). If you found one, please include them here.
  • Infinite demon (900 )

20 stars

  • Pre-Impossible demon (950 )
    • Levels: Exasperation.
      • This is a literal pain difficulty that is almost impossible to beat, requiring things including high parkour skill, personal computer & ready hands. Although Pre-Impossible demon is very hard or nearly impossible, there have been a few people who’ve beaten Exasperation. (Upcoming Levels: Silent Blaster)
  • Levels: Exasperation.

21 stars

  • Impossible demon (1000 )
    • The hardest humanly possible difficulty. Anything higher must have been hacked as those levels are some that the human brain is incapable of clearing.
    • Malediction, Sakupen Circle X, Unnerfed Slaughterhouse, Nerfed Maulfunction, etc.

23 stars

  • Omega Demon Of Doom (1337 )
    • A prediction-based difficulty, as the upper bound of how difficult individual parts of the level can be. Levels more difficult than this will only change the length of the level.
    • JDraken never meow

50 stars

Nightmare Demon (100,000 )

  • Literal hitbox abuse. Similar to Silent Circles’s final wave, 50+ CPS needed to clear a 2 second wave section. There is absolutely no way to clear this without a noclip, not even with speedhacks.
  • Levels here are purely fictional, as nobody can fathom such a level.

Bloodheaven, Unnerfed Kingdom Of Miracalis, Ballistic Wistfully, Wistfully, KataTartarus, Checkmate, Unnerfed Maulfunction,

80 stars

Raging Demon (800,000 Orbs)

100 stars

Nightmare demon (1,000,000 mana orbs)

Not even possible with noclip or speedhacks and not even possible to think of thinking about clearing

10MH, GAR-Effortless, GAR-Easy, GAR-Hard, Element 119 Unobtanium

500 stars

Mega Satanic Satan (6,666,666)

  • A level too hard for even god himself to beat, nobody could beat a level in the light of day.
  • Only Hackers/KaiGuy can beat this

Acheron V2, Silent Deadlocked, Buffed Slaughterhouse, Buffed Silent Clubstep, Bloodhell, Maximum Overdrive, GAR-Tartarus


It doesn’t exist. A level so hard is incomprehensible. Nothing is as hard as this. RobTop himself has banned this from ever existing.

Never will this exist.

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