The Creator

\”Geometry Dash\” level 16 – Hexagon Force (100%)
\”Geometry Dash\” level 16 – Hexagon Force (100%)

The Creator
Level Information
Creator Caio2000
Stars 9
Level ID 50007109
Composer ColBreakZ
Song 10000
Newgrounds ID 684300

The Creator (also known as Player Vs Creator) is a 2.1 epic Insane 9* level created by Caio2000. The level is popular for its unique boss fight as well as being one of the most viewed Geometry Dash levels on YouTube, with more than 16 million views. Despite the simplicity of the level, it generated various remakes and sequels but none reached the popularity of the original.


The level is basically a boss-themed level where “The Creator”, portrayed by the “Hand” in the GD editor, wants you to exit the level. At the start it is quiet, simply asking what you are doing here and asks you to leave. However, as you still continue to play the level, the Hand becomes angry and starts to attack you. Since it is not able to kill you, it starts to create its mini-copies and orders them to attack you. After various attempts to kill you, the Hand runs out of attacks and you are able to beat it, ending the level.


  • 0-25%: The level starts with a simple cube section. During this part you just need to do some simple timing and jump while “The Creator” shows itself to the player, asks him/her to give up. It later get rid of the layout and starts to create some spikes in order to kill the player, failing. Afterward, it creates a three-block-high wall and throws one block at a time against the player, then transforms the player in a ship.
  • 26-57%: During the ship section it adds “auto text” and throws two “move” triggers for make spikes move up and down on the screen, before creating its “family” to attack the player. Despite this part being confusing and highly chaotic, it is easy to learn. Then it transforms the player into a wave and its mini-copies create pairs of D-blocks in three lines that changes in order to put the wave down, making this probably probably the hardest part of the level. Then “The Creator” transforms the player into a robot.
  • 58-77%: After a simple timed-Robot you transition into a UFO section. In this section, “The Creator” starts to create multiple bats while the mini-copies try to hit you with an “X” construction, then “The Creator” uses a five block-cannon for hit you while the mini-copies use six two-block cannons behind you to help their “father”.
  • 78-100%: Then you enter a double-speed ball section when “The Creator” moves some ground for confuse the player and even try to punch it. Then you enter in simple ship section but with an awkward transition. Then you becomes a mini-cube, after a quadruple-speed section, you becomes a ship and, after a diagonal easy straight-flying, the player hits “The Creator”, thus defeating it. Finally, the level ends.

User Coins[]

This level has three silver user coins. The third coin is the hardest one to obtain.

  • The first coin is located in the first cube segment, at 21%. It is at the moment when “The Creator” creates the three-block-wall and starts to throw a block against you. To get the coin you have to jump over the last block “The Creator” throws against you, then jump one more time to get the coin.
  • The second coin is located at the robot sequence, at 60%. To get it you have to take advantage of the impact that “The Creator” generates by hitting the floor, and jump.
  • The third coin is located at the mini-cube section, at 88%. The coin is located at the beginning of the floor that a mini-copy of “The Creator” pushes at you. To get it you need good timing.


  • It is possible to skip the entire wave section until 57%. To do this, the player must hold at 49% and the wave will go between the two mid-spikes at the top. The player can keep holding down until 57%, where they just have to release to avoid crashing. [1]


  • The level contains 11,993 objects.
  • This is the most viewed custom level on YouTube, with more than 16 million views.[2]
  • RobTop praised the originality of this level in the comments section.

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