The Benefits of a Suspension Calculator

Anti Dive and Anti Squat Explained – Rock Rods Tech
Anti Dive and Anti Squat Explained – Rock Rods Tech

Fabricating a leaf spring or link suspension requires precise measurements, all of which determine the basic functionality and off-road performance of your rig. So before you begin a new suspension installation, be sure to use a geometry calculator to evaluate your suspension setup. Working through suspension geometry will tell you a lot about your rig and help you determine if there are certain configurations that could cause interferences or issues. Calculations will also allow you to configure your preferred anti-squat setting and get your roll axis where you want it to be, both of which can make or break your off-road adventures.

Suspension Geometry

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Free 3 Link and 4 Link Calculator

Over the years, our industry has seen free suspension design software come and go. In fact, most off-road community forums share links to calculators that do not work or redirect you to an undesired webpage. After some research, we found a good and reliable suspension calculator that provides 4 link (including those with travel addition) and 3 link calculators. Click here to view these 4×4 calculators. Please note, your computer will need excel or an equivalent to operate this template.

Suspension Geometry Software for Purchase

If you are on the market for a more in-depth, customizable 4 link suspension calculator, you will likely need to purchase software. Performance Trends offers a few different options, including a free trial. Take a look at Performance Trends’ calculators here.

Questions About Suspension Geometry or Installation?

Keep in mind that using a suspension calculator does not guarantee a perfect installation, but it will surely help you find a starting point and make effective adjustments. If you are in the midst of a suspension install and need some pointers, take a look at our installation tips for 3 link and 4 link suspensions. If you have any other questions about off-road parts, don’t hesitate to give Barnes 4wd a call at (828) 551-7616 or send us an email to

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