Student is first in world to ace AP Calculus exam

MISHAWAKA, In. — Felix Zhang is a junior at Penn High School in Indiana.

He made academic history earlier this week when he got a perfect score on his AP Calculus exam.

Felix says he was surprised to learn he was the first test-taker in the world to answer every question correctly.

AP Calculus exams are administered every year.

This year there were 45 multiple choice questions and 6 free response prompts.

The point system ranges from 1 to 5.

3 is considered a passing score.

More than half of Felix’s class did really well, scoring a 5 on the exam.

But Felix bested all of them by getting every single question right.

He says he felt ready for the exam, but didn’t expect things to go that well.

“I wanted to do well on it and I prepared a lot,” said Felix, “but I never actually thought about getting a perfect score before.”

“All of the credit should go to Felix and the hard work he does. I’m just glad I could be his teacher and sort of guide him through and help him along to reach his full potential.”

Felix also credits his parents for his success on the test.

They’re both college math professors..

Felix says he’s still trying to figure out what college he wants to go to and what he wants to do for a career..

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