SOLVED: What is the molecular shape around the sulfur atom in SH2? Bent Trigonal Pyramidal Trigonal Planar Linear Tetrahedral

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What is the molecular shape around the sulfur atom in
Trigonal Pyramidal
Trigonal Planar

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What is the molecular geometry in the structure A?(A) Tetrahedral(B) Trigonal Planar(C) Trigonal Pyramidal(D) Octahedral


What hybridization is associated with these electronic geometries: trigonal planar, linear, tetrahedral, octahedral, trigonal bipyramidal?


What is the electron-pair and molecular geometry around the central S atom in thionyl chloride, $\mathrm{SOCl}_{2} ?$ What is the hybridization of sulfur in this compound?


Sketch the shape of a linear triatomic molecule, a trigonal planar molecule containing four atoms, a tetrahedral molecule, a trigonal bipyramidal molecule, and an octahedral molecule. Give the bond angles in each case.


Hello friends. We are again back with us. Very different problem. And this problem is really amazing. So we have to you know draw the structure shape of access to molecule. So S. H. 20. Molecules or H two S. Molecule has a bench shape actually. So but you need to take care that the geometry that the you know like what you can say that the geometry of the molecule is tetra hydro geometry. I am going going to ride first. So tetra hydro is the geometry equals geometry of the molecule. And you can say that you know, shape is bent, shape is bent. Okay, so what can be done in this problem? We have to first find know what is the problem? Why is this happening? That’s geometry is the geometry is etcetera etcetera but shape is bent. Why is this happening? So this is happening because there are certain reasons. Let me explain it to you uh slowly because this question involves a kind of more thought, you know, like we need to involve in this question wholeheartedly in order to understand it better. So let’s try you can think about molecular geometry and electron pair geometry as being two sides of the same coin. Okay, so the difference between them is that electron pair geometry deals with the arrangement of the regions of electron density that surrounds an adam. And molecular molecular molecular geometry only deals with the arrangement of the atoms that makes up a molecule. So as you can see the arrangement is definitely but in case of electron you know like in case of electron pair geometry that deals with the arrangement of regions of electron density. So the electron density in this atom is somewhat you know in this direction. So the molecule takes the shape of bent. Now as you know a region of electron density can be a single bound Single double or triple board. All three counts as a single region of electron density, a lone pair of electrons. So region of electron density constituted by all types of bonds and a lone pair of electrons while determining electron pair geometry in S. H. Two molecules or H two S. Molecules. You count all the regions of electron density that surround the central atom. However when determining molecular geometry you only count bonds to other atoms. Okay so this is what’s the second reason that in molecular geometry you count you know you count the number of bonds, two other atoms. And in electron pair geometry…

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