Transformation Geometry—TSC Math Basic level second paper
Transformation Geometry—TSC Math Basic level second paper

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Illustrative Math
Grade 8

Let’s explore similar figures.

Illustrative Math Unit 8.2, Lesson 6 (printable worksheets)

The following diagram shows how to use a sequence of transformations to explain why two figures are similar.

Use what you know about operations and their properties to write three expressions equivalent to the expression shown.

10(2 + 3) – 8 · 3

The same sequence of transformations takes Triangle A to Triangle B, takes Triangle B to Triangle C, and so on. Describe a sequence of transformations with this property.

Sketch figures similar to Figure A that use only the transformations listed to show similarity.

Your teacher will give you a set of five cards and your partner a different set of five cards. Using only the cards you were given, find at least one way to show that triangle ABC and triangle DEF are similar. Compare your method with your partner’s method. What is the same about your methods? What is different?

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