Silent Circles

WARNING: This level is incredibly painful on the eyes. If you have epilepsy or any other eye conditions, watching a video of this level is strictly advised against. Safety first!
Silent Circles
Level Information
Creator Cyrillic (publisher) and Sailent
Stars 0
Level ID 12169905 (Original)

66634469 (15 CPS)

Composer Xtrullor
Song Supernova
Newgrounds ID 593661
A collab with Sailent. Are you ready for a night in hell? Are you prepared for a silent hell? Welcome to Silent Circles. Pass 16661.


Silent Circles is an impossible 2.0 collaboration level created by Cyrillic and Sailent and published by Cyrillic. It is a silent level remake of Nine Circles and one of the most popular impossible levels.


  • 0-12%: The level starts with a tricky half-speed cube section requiring some precise timings and featuring fake spikes.
  • 13-22%: Next, it transitions into a double-speed ship sequence with some hard straight-flying, precise timings, and requiring the player to go into a fake block in the middle of the section. This part is generally considered to be the easiest.
  • 23-27%: After a seemingly near-impossible cube spam, there are three half-speed frame-perfect jumps and the first wave section.
  • 28-44%: The first wave section starts with a very tight corridor featuring some spikes to make it harder, forcing the player to double-click when going down. Then, there is one-second mini-wave spam deemed impossible to get consistent at. After another very tight corridor, there is a mini-wave section full of saw-blades. (It requires a higher CPS than the first mini-wave spam for spamming in between all the saw-blades.) There is also complex maneuvering with a gravity portal and another very tight corridor.
  • 45-50%: This part is a two-player dual with ball and mini-wave requiring very precise timings.
  • 51-64%: At the infamous two-player dual wave, the player has to do precise spam with two inverted gravity waves. There are three corridors meant for a normal-size wave but using a mini-wave at half-speed. This part is impossible with the two mini-waves.
  • 65-100%: The infamous mini-wave spam section; the areas between the spikes have the same pixel-length as the mini-wave. Multiple invisible speed-changes and blue orbs are within the entire spam corridor. The corridor is imperfectly straight as it slightly shifts up and down, meaning it requires perfectly timed clicks to make the two mini-waves follow the corridor. After that onslaught, there is a hard half-speed mini-wave section with a display of the names of the two creators, ‘Cyrillic’ and ‘Sailent’, and then the level ends.


  • The password for the level is 016661.
  • This level contains 14,919 objects.
    • 1,224 of these are color triggers.
  • The level is 1m 9s in length.
  • According to Cyrillic in a comment on a video, Sailent created the first cube and the ship, while he created everything from the orb spam onwards, including the impossible wave.
  • Despite being made in update 2.0 with the pulse trigger being added, the neon effect is still done the pre-2.0 way with two-color triggers.
    • A single pulse trigger is used during the dual segment between the wave parts to make a few portals dark blue.
  • This level may not have been the one to introduce humanly impossible mini-wave spam parts. A level called Realm of Bloodshadow, released before Bloodbath had wave parts with similar spam.
    • This level did, however, introduce a more formidable form of an impossible wave. Instead of simply being mainly just spammed in mostly jagged corridors, Silent Circles introduced a wave made to be as hard as possible. This wave is not only mini but also in two-player mode, requiring the player to control both waves at once, and in addition, blue orbs fill the corridor, throwing off the player even further. These same wave parts would later appear in other silent levels, such as Slaughterhouse, Slaughter’s Hell and old Pitch Black.
  • This level broke many norms of the Nine Circles levels trend at the time.
    • It uses the Geometrical Dominator background instead of the Theory of Everything 2 background and the Deadlocked ground instead of the beveled square ground used in Nine Circles and many other levels like it.
    • The opening cube is at half-speed instead of single-speed.
    • The level is in two-player mode, meaning during dual sections, both icons can move separately from each other.
    • The slopes in the ship part are made of 1.8 tech slopes rather than 1.9 blocks.
    • The cube and ship parts don’t have as many fakes as normal Nine Circles levels.
    • The neon wave is done with only three color triggers instead of four, and for some reason uses the channels 7-3-4 instead of 1-2-3
    • A dual ball/wave part occurs in the middle of the wave part with a 2.0 design, during which the neon effect ceases.
    • There are no 22.5-degree slopes.
    • The structures making up the spam part are not normally found in normal Nine Circles levels.
  • Supernova Circles, an easy and nerfed version of Silent Circles, had been rated Demon for less than ten minutes. After Riot stated that Supernova Circles was hacked, it was immediately unrated a few minutes later, making it one of the quickest levels to get unrated after its rating, alongside Belly Circles by Flozo88, an ocher-colored level using ‘Bionic Belly Button’ by Fantomenk as the song: it got featured at just 80 likes, but lost its stars a few minutes later.
  • There are strange things hidden outside the boundaries of the screen. These include:
    • Two text objects scaled to 2.00 being an I and a C
      • Even stranger the C is three Cs on top of each other.
    • A line of blue 2.0 animated lava objects below near the start of the wave, below the part with all the saw-blades.
    • What appears to be a large wave structure made out of industrial blocks above where the first wave ends that lacks collision.
    • An invisible wall at the end of the ball dual is likely to prevent the player from skipping the second wave.
      • There is another wall at the end of the level to prevent the player from beating the level without passing the wave. It is unclear why this is here as it is not possible to reach this wall without cheats.
  • Two text objects scaled to 2.00 being an I and a C
  • ToshDeluxe made an auto version of this level, and it was rated with 1 star until it was unrated due to being an auto-copy of a level.
  • Sea is known to slightly hate this level for many reasons.
  • Although not as popular, a sequel to the level has been made, being even harder and having a detailed boss-fight near the end.
  • This and all levels with wave spam like this are impossible on 60Hz as it is not possible to click fast enough to get through the spikes.
  • UFokinWotM8 verified a run on Silent Circles of 27-51% as an extreme challenge called SC2751P.

Final Spam Possibility[]

Throughout the years, the level grew in popularity for being considered the first impossible level ever. Despite this, many players made runs on this level, attempting to prove its possibility. All these runs proved the possibility of all parts except for the infamous spam part: UFokinWotM8 did the first 40%[1] and 27-51%,[2] proving the possibility of the first half, while NcaT proved the possibility of 55-62%.[3] The latter is only possible thanks to the skip fnm04 found that avoids the dual-portal in the second wave section.[4] Even 95-100% was beaten by both NcaT (on the link before) and UFokinWotM8.[5] This makes the infamous spam section the only part that has not been verified in the level. DraconiaArmy evaluates the CPS needed to beat that part. For a single wave (not considering the gravity orb), it requires a minimum of almost 17 CPS on single-speed and 32 CPS on double-speed[6]. This instance makes the level impossible, as of now, while the world record of CPS is ‘only’ 21 clicks in a second.[7] Despise this, many players believe that with ‘Drag clicking’ or other tricks, it’s possible to surpass the spam. The current world record (with the orbs) is the 13th spike[8] with drag-click. The 15 CPS version the spam required is lower than the world record, making it humanly possible to beat the 15 CPS version.


Geometry Dash – SILENT CIRCLES – by Sailent

The full walkthrough of Silent Circles. Note that this run is semi-auto. Credits to ToshDeluxe.


Silent Circles
Level Information
Creator Zynvire (host), Metalface221, Majkomar, Artos, Ramrekt, Voltex, Noice, Nxbulah, CuLuC, Nepmere, UFokinWotM8, RDelta, Temp, Isane, EyeOfTheStorm, RealVet and Connected (Verified by Xanii, set to be update-verified by Cursed)
Stars 0
Level ID 79750719
Composer Xtrullor
Song Supernova
Newgrounds ID 593661
verified by darrel


Silent Circles is an unrated 2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration level hosted by Zynvire and verified by Xanii. It is a possible remake of Silent Circles by Cyrillic and Sailent, which itself is an impossible remake of Nine Circles. While previous versions of the level were set to be of Top 5 difficulty, the level was later nerfed due to Zynvire’s insistence that the level be released sooner. The level’s difficulty is now set around the Top 40 of the Demonlist. Due to the nerfs, many people find the level underwhelming.

The level is currently being re-verified by Cursed for a re-buffing and rebalancing update. This version is set to be placed in the Top 1-5 spots on the Geometry Dash Demonlist if verified and rated.


On December 17, 2017, Zynvire published a video about his intention to make a rebirth of ‘Silent Circles’, and show what is changing and what is not, compared to the original level.[1] He later uploads a video showing his ‘Creator Contest’ for that rebirth having a deadline of January 23, 2018.[2]

Ironically, his first intention was to make the level harder than Sonic Wave or similar to Bloodlust difficulty but now even above Tartarus.

After two years of work, the level was complete (layout and decoration), and Zynvire published a video showing the final preview.[3] In this unnerfed state, the level showed very tight waves, mini-wave timings, crucial dual timings and spam, other than some frame-perfect-wave-corridors.

After some time of the official verifier changing daily, Dolphy was chosen as the next verifier. This choice probably was because he was the one who legitimately verified Tartarus. After being chosen, Dolphy published a video of him doing a commentary practice run of the level.[4]

Dolphy quickly achieved 54-100%[5] and 42-82%[6] but got stuck on the first 40%, making only a run of 15-29%[7] showing the unbalanced state of the rebirth. After those runs, Dolphy decided to nerf the first 40% to make the level more balanced and enjoyable. However, some players disliked this nerf. After that nerf, he was capable of doing an impressive 30-100% on December 28, 2020, after only 30 minutes on stream and an unbelievable 36%[8] on January 5, 2021.

After those runs, Dolphy took a break from the verification for almost four months before returning in late April, achieving a record of 49%.[9]. In early June, he achieved 67%.[10]

Dolphy would later go on to buff the level, and on July 1, 2021, he got 53% on his buffed version, which later became the official version.[11] After the buff, he would continue to stream the verification. On August 27, 2021, Dolphy achieved 65%.[12]

Dolphy then seemingly took a break from posting progress updates while still streaming, but he uploaded another progress update on November 14, 2021. He had gotten 70%[13] and previously a run of 23-100%.

As of around January 31, 2022, Dolphy was struggling to make further progress on the level’s verification.

On February 3, 2022, Zynvire uploaded a video titled ‘Silent Circles Situation Explained (New Verifier)’, in which he stated that Dolphy dropped the verification and that Xanii was the new verifier of Silent Circles. However, after it was revealed that he did not tell Dolphy this information, the community criticized Zynvire for his decision. However, the level was still given to Xanii to verify.

Xanii decided to super-buff the level to be harder than Dolphy’s version. He achieved a record of 44% and a run of 41-100%[14] on the level.

On February 21, 2022, Xanii dropped the level, citing a conflict between him and Zynvire over buffing the level further, stating that it would become extremely unenjoyable. The verification was then given to Cursed.

Later, on April 21, 2022, the verification was handed back to Xanii by Zynvire in an extremely nerfed state, attempting to make the level more enjoyable and less inconsistent. He managed to get 56% quickly on the new version. The next day, Xanii managed to get 60% and 80%.

On April 23, 2022, Xanii verified the level in its nerfed state.


Note: Only decorators will be mentioned in this section.

  • 0-9% (Metalface221 + Majkomar): The level begins with a tricky half-speed cube section. It has many awkward timings and a spammy section in the middle.
  • 9-16% (Artos): A claustrophobic double-speed ship section follows. Slopes are jutting out of the surroundings, and the player must be careful navigating them correctly. The screen becomes mirrored halfway through the ship section and turns back to normal once the player reaches the cube portal.
  • 16-20% (?): A short transition section; after an auto section consisting of blue pads, there are a few tight half-speed cube timings before the drop.
  • 20-36% (Ramrekt, Voltex, Noice): The start of the wave section. This part requires high-CPS, complicated click patterns and features tight corridors. At the end of the section is a short dual part. Because of the complex click patterns and small gaps, this section is considered the hardest in the level.
  • 36-43% (Zynvire): The level continues with a high-CPS click consistency section, first with a section at triple-speed and then at double-speed.
  • 43-54% (Nxbulah + CuLuC): A half-speed section follows that is much slower-paced than before, before a transition into a triple-speed section with many moving objects to avoid.
  • 54-64% (Nepmere + RDelta):
  • 64-70% (Temp + Isane):
  • 70-82% (Eye Of The Storm):
  • 82-90% (Majkomar + RealVet):
  • 90-97% (Connected):
  • 97-100% (End-Screen):



  • The level is free to copy.
  • The level contains 160,444 objects.
  • The level is 1m 34s in length.
  • In order, this level was previously supposed to be verified by Mycrafted, Meatius, Rori, Dolphy and Cursed before Xanii ended up verifying it.
  • Cursed became the first victor of this level on April 25, 2022.



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