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Dr. David Halle shares importance of Advanced Practice Clinicians at South Shore Medical Center.
Dr. David Halle shares importance of Advanced Practice Clinicians at South Shore Medical Center.

At Shore, we’re a little different. We believe in:

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We can help with a wide range of health issues, including:

Hormonal Problems

Whether you’re 30, 40, 50, 60, or beyond, We can help with hormonal issues. We provide guidance and support for many common options, including hormone replacement therapy, supplemental remedies, or lifestyle modifications.

Thyroid Imbalances

There’s normal, and there’s optimal. If you feel like there’s something going on with your thyroid but your doctor keeps telling you that your labs are normal, let’s take another look! We’ll help you get to OPTIMAL.

Gut Issues

Struggling with IBS, Chrohn’s, Dysbiosis, or Food Intolerance? Did you know these symptoms and diseases can be due to imbalances in your gut? Continual damage to the gut lining from imbalance can lead to further problems in the future. Let’s see what’s really going on in there with some simple testing and thorough consultation.

Anxiety and Depression

It’s hard, but it’s okay. Even simply finding a few supplements to help provide relief in times of need is a great step in a positive direction. Take a deep breath. You’ve got this! Let’s dive into what causes you angst, what lifestyle changes might be able to help, what supplements may help support you, who in the healthcare community can also help to support you, and what other diseases or medications might be contributing to your negative feelings. Sometimes things that don’t seem connected are actually what makes us ill. Let us help you on your journey.

Pelvic Floor and Sexual Health

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Let us guess, you didn’t know things like this could even happen to you – vaginal pain, prolapse, discomfort, dryness, pain during intercourse, lichen sclerosis. Nothing seems to work. You feel like you’ve tried everything. We’ll dip into my mental box of tools to provide you with options. We’re big believers that sexual health is a very important part of our overall health. We can talk about as much or as little as you wish. Your comfort is our priority!

Preventative Health and Wellness

You’re healthy, and you want to stay that way! Did you know that there are actually some steps you can take to see if your body is on a path that is more or less likely to result in breast cancer and other cancers? Maybe you just want to do some general preventative testing to determine your nutritional status, hormonal balance, and stay ahead of disease. Good for you! We can discuss your specific goals and formulate a plan together that seems best suited for your lifestyle.

FREE Consultations!

Let’s discuss some of the symptoms and problems you are having and how we can help in this FREE 15 minute discovery call.

Hear From Our Clients:

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