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Blake Griffin Makes His YouTube Golf Debut | 9 at Mine (Brentwood Country Club)
Blake Griffin Makes His YouTube Golf Debut | 9 at Mine (Brentwood Country Club)


Summer Geometry begins on June 8. All registered students and families have received information about the course.

SFUSD offers a six-week intensive Summer Geometry course for SFUSD 9th graders who are completing CCSS Algebra 1 and would like to take CCSS Algebra 2 during their regular academic year as 10th graders. This course satisfies SFUSD’s requirement for a full year (10 units) of CCSS Geometry.
Students must have an A or B in Algebra 1 to be eligible for this course, and must commit to attending all days due to the intensive nature of the course.
For 2023, the Summer Geometry course will be held on weekdays from June 8 to July 19, from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM with a 30-minute lunch. There are holidays on June 19, July 3, and July 4. The course will be held in person at Galileo High School.

The application period for students is the month of March. Before completing the application, please read the information below:

  • The student and parent or guardian should complete the application together.
  • Please check that you have the student’s SFUSD ID number (it is required for the application).
  • The student must be logged into their SFUSD Google account on the browser to access the application.
  • The student will receive an email with their responses to the application.
  • Please enter information carefully, especially the student ID and the parent contact information.

Summer Geometry Flyers

Summer Geometry FAQs

Is there a cost for the Summer Geometry course?
No, the intensive Summer Geometry course is free for eligible students.
What if my student didn’t get a seat in the course?
There will be a waiting list for students who do not get a seat in the course. There are other options for accelerating to AP Calculus; please see our High School Pathways page and discuss options with your student’s math teacher or counselor.
Can you recommend another summer Geometry course?
We do not recommend specific outside courses because the options are always changing. If your student is interested in taking a Geometry course outside of SFUSD, you MUST complete paperwork and get the approval of your school administration and/or counselor prior to enrolling in a course to ensure that the course is “c”-approved for UC and meets other requirements.
Will it help to fill out the application earlier or more than once?
No, all applications submitted within the application window will be processed in the same way. Submitting duplicate applications will not increase the chance of getting a seat.
How are students selected for the course if there are more applicants than seats?
Students will be assigned to available seats through a selection process with priority given to families with low incomes.
When will we know whether we have been accepted?
Students and families will be notified by email by late April.
What information do we need to apply for intensive Summer Geometry?
The student will need to have their SFUSD email address and SFUSD student ID, and contact information for the parent or guardian. Additionally, they will need their semester grade and most recent grade in Algebra 1. (The grades will be verified.) Students and families must also verify that the student will commit to attending all days of the course.

I have a question that hasn’t been addressed on this page. Who can I ask?

You can email summergeometry@sfusd.edu if you have specific questions that haven’t been addressed.

This page was last updated on June 6, 2023

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