Sacred Geometry Explained

Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry (Dr. Robert J. Gilbert – Gaia)
Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry (Dr. Robert J. Gilbert – Gaia)

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Sacred Geometry is often used in holistic practices and readily pictured on wellness merchandise, but what is the actual meaning behind it?

Sacred geometric patterns exist all around us, creating the fundamental structure and templates of life in the universe. The patterns can be broken down into a language of mathematics that rules the entirety of our visible and invisible world. The geometrical archetypes reveal the nature of each form and its vibrational resonance, symbolizing the inseparable relationship between everything and everyone, which ultimately makes up our whole matrix and the universe at large – embodying oneness. So what exactly is the spiritual meaning behind these geometric symbols? We sat down with wellness practitioner Michelle Harris to examine some of the beautiful patterns and shed some light on their meaning


Many teachings have described Sacred Geometry as the blueprint of creation and the genesis, the origin of all form. Sacred geometry is considered an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of creation organizes itself. It is said that every natural pattern of growth or movement comes back to one or more geometric shapes.

The molecules of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snowflakes, flower petals, crystals, a shell, the stars, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breathe, and all life forms are created out of geometric codes.

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Through observing and contemplating sacred geometric shapes/codes, they can reveal deep wisdom, opening up to life and creation of the Universe itself. Certainly, they have for me, as I have explored them through my own healing and empowerment journey.

It is believed that the ancients considered that the experience of Sacred Geometry was essential to the education of the soul. They knew that these patterns and codes were symbolic of our own inner realm and were significant to higher consciousness and self-awareness. Sacred geometry amplifies our connection to spirit, and creates harmony within ourselves, and between ourselves and the outside world. It is often called “sacred architecture” because it underlies everything and is woven into the fabric of all creation.

Further, in addition to our physical realm, it is said we have a “Lightbody & Merkabah”, which is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy and links you and you as a multidimensional self, with the infinite universe.

Sacred geometry as I have worked with it, contains high frequencies of energy and light that can activate, heal, awaken, and transform. The symbols are like codes that assist you in your journey of life, but also can be used more consciously to bring about deep soul awakening and connection to our true divine essence. It can be used to open up pathways and doorways to the infinite realms, as well as the connection to the oneness of all life, in nature and the whole world around us.

Sacred geometry brings about certain effects of healing, harmonizing and rebalancing on all levels. It connects the inner and outer, uniting all.

The Platonic Solids are thought of as the sacred geometry ‘building blocks’ of the Universe that were taught in the Greek Mystery Schools 2,500 years ago (these are tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron & icosahedron). But the triangle is a symbol that underlies all of them. Triangle symbolizes balance, harmony, completion. Rising upwards, it elevates us to Higher Consciousness.

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Here are some shapes and their meanings/intentions and how they help us.


The platonic solids are thought of as the sacred geometry ‘building blocks’ of the Universe that were taught in the Greek Mystery Schools 2,500 years ago (these are tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron & icosahedron). But the triangle is a symbol that underlies all of them. Triangle symbolizes balance, harmony, completion. Rising upwards, it elevates us to Higher Consciousness.


Wholeness, oneness, never-ending circle/cycles of life, the eternal constant, cycles of change, unity, perfection, inclusive, boundaries. It is said the first thought of God is represented by a circle, which exists by itself (and then it created a replica of itself.


Foundations, solidity, grounding, practical, ‘earthly’, stability, dependability, safety. The base of a pyramid (which creates the balance/stability).


The Fibonacci and Golden mean ratio (all shapes come back to this mathematical formula). ‘As above, so below’, connects heaven and earth. The spiral ‘spirals’ up to connect the physical self to the Higher Self, and all levels of our being (inter-dimensionally) and into the core of the Earth. Galaxies are in spirals of energy. Energy moves in spirals. The spiral is also the kundalini, which is symbolic of raising one’s consciousness on the path of the evolution of the soul. The spiral is connected to the flow of energy through the chakras as they spin in a circle. The spiral is the spiral shape as a double helix in the DNA of each cell.


The intersection of the 2 lines is where ‘heaven and earth’ meet, and the result of their union is mankind (symbolized by the cross).


The Flower of Life is a physical representation of the connection with all living things in the universe. It is considered a sacred symbol universally, and said to also contain within it the ‘blue print of creation’, the ‘building blocks’ of the universe – which we call the “Platonic Solids”. These are templates through which the foundation of life can be expressed. The Greek Mystery Schools 2,500 years ago taught that there were five perfect 3D forms – the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. These Platonic Solids are considered the foundation of everything in the physical world, revealing the unity in all things. However, if you break these Platonic Solids down to their simplest forms, they form the triangle, square, circle, spiral, and straight line. These are the basic ‘sacred geometric shapes (above).’


The Pyramid contains the spiral, the golden mean ratio, the triangle and square. The pyramid contains the number of divinity, 3 (the 3 sides to each triangle) plus the number of mankind, 4 ( 4 sides of the square). It represents the relationships between Source & humanity. The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was built to create the energy that facilitated connection with the spiritual realms. The top or apex of the pyramid represents the highest point of spiritual attainment, the body of the structure is the ‘journey’ or ascent to enlightenment, spiraling upwards. The pyramids were used for initiations, and in transporting to ‘other realms.’ They were used by the initiates to go through a kind of death and become ‘transformed’ or ‘reborn’. The merkabah is like two pyramids interlocking


The upward triangle is masculine, the downward triangle is feminine, the two merging in perfect harmony.


All sacred symbols make up the Merkabah.

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Many years ago when I started exploring sacred geometry, which I discovered through using crystals, I found you could create the shapes and use them for healing and raising your consciousness.

I was going through a lot of inner child trauma at the time, and I found meditating with the symbols (especially the flower of life), and also using crystal grids in the geometric shapes, incredibly beneficial.

Sacred geometric shapes as we have seen, bring us back to our true essence, to connect more deeply to the inner, and harmonize with the outer. It expands us and connects us on many levels. Each geometric shape has a specific energy vibration and intention, and feeling of energy. When using them in meditation or healing, they can bring about an energetic shift in your being and in your consciousness, creating healing and re-balancing.

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Some energy healing practices and symbols are used specifically like this. The symbols are like ‘super-charged’ focused intention for healing or whatever the symbol is being used for.

To create crystal grids in sacred geometric shapes, you sit inside the crystal grids in the shape required as you meditate and feel their healing benefits. Or you can also sit and meditate whilst looking at these grids, and feel their effects.

For example, to help create better boundaries, we can use a circle of (red) stones. To feel more grounded, use a square grid created with grounding stones (like hematite).

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Circle grid – feeling of safety, boundaries, feeling secure and protected

Square grid – creates a foundation or base to build from, practical, ‘earthy’, grounding

Triangle grid – encourages to rise upwards to “higher consciousness’. Elevates your energy upwards. Also represents balance and harmony.

Star of David grid – this activates the Merkabah and is a very powerful grid. It creates high spiritual and psychic energy, for healing, protection, connecting with spiritual beings in other dimensions, and manifestation. I would use this only under the guidance of someone who understand how to use it. (However, you can meditate upon the symbol itself).

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Crystals themselves can transmit sacred geometric codes and so when they are held or applied to the body/chakras, their energetic vibrations affect healing and re-balancing on all levels. Crystal healing as a healing modality also uses grids on the body/chakras in specific patterns for their healing, harmonizing, and unifying benefits.

Also, you can connect to sacred geometric shapes anytime – not just sitting in meditation. As you go about your day, you can bring yourself back into the present moment and mindful awareness by observing and feeling the sacred geometric shapes that make up the world around us. This is a great reminder of the connection to all in life – people, objects, nature, everything.

And you can also use in them in a mindful movement meditation: You can dance, move or walk, in a spiral shape. You can walk a spiral labyrinth, or other labyrinths in the shapes and designs of the sacred geometric shapes.


A mandala is a design made up of symbols and shapes within a circle. You can often see the Flower of Life or Seed of Life in a mandala, as well as circles, spirals, triangles, etc.

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Mandala actually means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. You can create mandalas for different things, to symbolize different intentions. As you draw and create, a mandala can reveal the inner workings of yourself and your soul. It can be used as a meditation and mindfulness tool, to create feelings of inner peace and calm, reduce stress and anxiety, and much more. It is a fun, creative and personal way to explore your inner self, express feelings, merge inner and outer worlds, and also use it as a manifestation tool. It can be inspirational and therapeutic.

Michelle Harris is the founder of the draco dragon healing symbols system, a crystal healing system, which uses symbols that are based on sacred geometry and that bring about healing and unification. She also uses crystal grids to this effect. The healing symbols help people on multiple levels, from physical complaints to emotional healing, mental health, relationships, past trauma, developing intuition, releasing stress, soul/spiritual connection, and planetary and universal level alignments. Michelle also offers her popular life and soul empowerment programs to create balance and wellbeing.

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