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Calculus 3 Lecture 13.6: Finding Directional Derivatives and Gradients
Calculus 3 Lecture 13.6: Finding Directional Derivatives and Gradients

Becoming an Engineering major has its ups and downs: you’ll find amazing career opportunities in the future, but in college your life will consist of constant studying and work. However, there are many helpful resources out there for all Engineering majors which will definitely aid the process of succeeding.

Although this can vary in schools, countries, and states, most Engineering majors will require Calculus, Physics, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations. Some majors also require Chemistry, Programming, Biology, and much more. Here’s a list of some amazing resources you fellow Engineering students can use to prepare or study for these courses.

The Calculus Series

Professor Leonard is one of the best YouTube lecturers for the whole Calculus series. He even covers topics such as Intermediate Algebra and Differential Equations. He’s currently working on Precalculus and Linear Algebra as of Summer 2019.

What sets him apart from other channels is how detail oriented he is. Even the most simple algebraic move is thoroughly explained, aiding the thought process when trying to solve problems. If you’re an Engineering student who wants to achieve all A’s, I recommend studying his lectures and taking notes. Here’s a list of the Calculus courses he teaches in order:

patrickJMT is also really helpful in supplementing lectures. He does not teach math courses like a “lecture” style, instead he explains the concepts concisely and goes through many example problems from derivatives, integrals, and much more.

Find specific courses and topics at his website:

The Physics Series

Michel Van Biezen covers every Physics course in the series. Most universities require students to complete Physics courses in Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Modern. Although he does not teach in a “lecture” style where he goes over every topic like Professor Leonard, he explains the topic very well and also provides many example problems. Find him here:


Thenewboston, aka “Bucky” is really good at introducing programming languages. He provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorials. Although some might disagree with his teaching style, I believe his tutorials are a good way to be introduced to the syntax of a language.

Bucky also provides tutorials on other uncommon languages such as Ruby, Angular 2, and more.

Here’s the playlists for the common Programming courses for Engineers:

The University of Helsinki’s Massive Open Online Course for Object Oriented Java Programming is the best online tutorial for Java. I’m not exaggerating this, the course does not hold your hand along the way like many other courses do. You are expected to read notes and practice through examples. Personally, I 100% credit my programming experience to this course; once you finish part 1 of this course, you can move on to part 2 which is much more advanced.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also provides either notes, lectures, or both on every language an Engineer would need throughout college. For programming, it’s much better to learn the syntax from watching YouTube videos, and then learn the applications and terms behind a language through lectures.

MIT has introductory and advanced notes for Python, C++, MATLAB, and Java.


All of these resources are helpful for the standard Engineering curriculum. They mainly cover courses for the first two years of one’s college career in the major, but there are also many helpful resources for upper-division courses out there.

Although I didn’t list resources for Chemistry or Biology, I’m sure there are plenty of helpful resources on YouTube. I’m not able to give an opinion in this matter, since my major Computer Engineering does not require Chemistry or Biology.

I hope these resources are helpful to students who are in the process of achieving their dreams of becoming in Engineer. I wish you luck in your future endeavors, and remember to never lose motivation!

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