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Acupuncture Near Oak Brook #oakbrook #hinsdale #lagrange #elmhurst #chicago

Professional Services

The Chicago Center for Integration and Healing offers programs designed for therapists at all levels of experience, with flexible time commitments and financial options.

The treatment of trauma can be both intense and rewarding work. It means sitting with the deepest of human wounds while trusting in the incredible human capacity to heal. CCIH believes that the work of establishing a healing environment for our clients must be done in a supportive community of our peers.

Our programs offer therapists the opportunity to join CCIH’s professional community, deepen into their work with trauma, and stay up to date on current research and thinking about attachment, trauma, complex trauma (C-PTSD) and dissociation.

All training programs are guided by CCIH’s four essential concepts. We welcome therapists of all racial identities, gender identities, and sexual orientations to join our professional community.


Our Essential Concepts

Integrated Approach

No single model can treat all of human experience and suffering. We believe that the basis of all trauma-informed treatment must involve privileging regulation and working in the present moment, and utilize approaches that are both relational and body-centered.

Anti-Oppression Lens

Working in a body-centered way necessarily requires challenging the racism, misogyny, fatphobia, transphobia, ableism, and other forms of individual and systemic oppression present in society and the field of mental health.

Therapist Experience

Our personal history, identities and present experience come with us into the therapy room and influence the clinical relationship. Being an effective therapist requires us to interrogate our own history of wounding and implicit biases in order to create a present-centered, embodied experience.

Community Formation

Some experiences are too big for one therapist and one client to hold. Community can provide the support, holding and call to accountability that is essential to an ongoing practice.

Flexible Training Options

Advanced Clinical Training Program

A 24-month long, CCIH-led didactic and consultative training program for clinicians with their own practice who wish to deepen their knowledge of trauma-informed treatment.

Online Library

Convenient online, on-demand video format for CCIH courses

CCIH Trauma Fellowship

A salaried, full-time, and supervised clinical experience for therapists who want to deepen into their trauma-informed practice by seeing a full caseload of clients at our offices.

Professional Development Workshops

Offered by CCIH for the past ten years. One or two-day workshops. Keeps clinicians current on trauma-informed practice.

Consultation to Organizations

Custom training for mental health clinics and other health organizations who seek to integrate more trauma-informed practices and theory into their service provision.

Foundations in Trauma Training Program

A part-time, tuition-based program for therapists who want an intensive training, supervisory, and immersive clinical experience with involvement in our professional community.

Individual and Group Supervision

Supervision and consultation for psychotherapists who seek to integrate more trauma-informed practices and theory into their ongoing clinical practice.

Study Group

Our monthly reading and discussion group on current research and theory in trauma and attachment and its application to clinical practice.

Upcoming Workshops

  • September Study Group: Unmasking Autism by Devon PriceLearn more and register →

    Join us at 4700 N Ravenswood on September 15, 2023 from 9:00-10:30am for a discussion of Unmasking Autism by Devon Price! Our monthly study group focuses on selected readings of current research and theory in trauma, dissociation, attachment, and neurobiology. Our discussions explore the readings themselves as well as their clinical applications. This Fall, our […]

  • Suicidal Ideation: A Trauma-Informed ApproachLearn more and register →

    This workshop will explore suicidal ideation through a trauma-informed lens. We will discuss how to assess for and treat risk, and use our ongoing treatment to understand suicidal thoughts and action as a meaningful strategy for dealing with painful history and the challenges of daily life.

  • Fat Liberation series, Part One: Anti-fatness 101Learn more and register →

    In this workshop Sarah Landolfi invites participants to explore the roots of anti-fatness, question their assumptions about health, and understand the pervasive, traumatic impact of anti-fatness on fat people.

  • Fat Liberation series, Part Two: Becoming a Fat Positive PsychotherapistLearn more and register →

    If you work with clients who are fat – and let’s face it, we all do – it is imperative that you learn a fat politic that will guide you as you provide psychotherapy to this group of marginalized folx. Without interrogating anti-fatness and the role therapists play in upholding it, we risk causing incredible […]

  • Complex Trauma and Dissociation: A Relational, Neurobiological and Body-centered ApproachLearn more and register →

    Whether they specialize in it or not, all therapists will encounter complex trauma in their practice. According to the CDC 1 in 7 children in the United States suffered abuse or neglect in the past year, most often at the hands of those who are supposed to love and care for them. Though we have […]

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