Phoenix Yellow 2000 Acura Integra Type R Survivor!

Phoenix Yellow Integra Type-R Minor Refresh – Mugen Intake | Spoon Strut Bars | Tein Coilover (Pt 6)
Phoenix Yellow Integra Type-R Minor Refresh – Mugen Intake | Spoon Strut Bars | Tein Coilover (Pt 6)

If you’ve been paying attention to car news lately, you’ll no doubt have noticed that not only is Acura bringing back the Integra nameplate, but they’ll be including a proper three-pedal gearbox as an option. Big news for 2021, when everyone is going electric and automatic. If the Ford Bronco’s reintroduction is any indication, prices for Integras are bound to skyrocket in the coming months, especially Phoenix Yellow Type Rs like this example. They already sort of have, as can be seen with any nice Honda from this era. Civic Type Rs, Sis, Del Sols, CRXs…they’re all creeping up into the price range of a brand new Honda. They all are better than new ones, though, because they’re simpler, lighter, more fun, and very rev-happy. You can find this Type R here on eBay, and it’s seldom been driven.

Honda’s cars made a name for themselves because they introduced quality into lower-priced cars. I had a twenty-year-old Insight with nearly 300,000 miles on it, and all of the interior switches still had that satisfying “click” to them that naturally fades with time on just about any other car. Not Hondas. And the interior on this Integra looks good as new. There’s an aftermarket radio, and the shift boot looks a little saggy, but no doubt it shifts and drives and feels just like it did when it was new.

Under the hood is the legendary B18C5 with an 8,500 RPM redline. We feature a lot of American cars here on Barn Finds, and revving the engine much past 5,500 RPM is not something that American cars know how to do. Videos of the B- and K- series engines generally say that they don’t even start to wake up until 5,700 RPM. And then, in addition, you get that legendary Honda reliability.

Phoenix Yellow is a sought-after and historic color for Honda’s sports cars, and if you can find a clean example in Phoenix Yellow (like this one), you’re guaranteed a good financial investment. If it was me buying this, though, I would be the irresponsible one and use it for its intended purpose: I would drive it until the wheels fell off. Because it’s a rev-happy Honda with just enough practicality that you can daily drive it, and just enough sportiness where you won’t ever get bored driving it to Target for a grocery run. Reject the chunky modern cars, embrace the tradition of simplifying, then adding lightness.

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