Every Geometry dash level! with coins! (GD, Meltdown, Subzero, World, 37 levels)
Every Geometry dash level! with coins! (GD, Meltdown, Subzero, World, 37 levels)

In accordance with Inspire legislation, the 6 regional grid managers in the Netherlands offer the location of their electricity grid as open data. By making these data public, network operators help parties to make choices for the realisation of, for example, solar parks or new housing estates. In this way, parties can take faster steps in the orientation phase of projects.

Open data in BlindGuide KLIC App

BlindGuide now also unlocks this open data via our BlindGuide KLIC App. At this moment we show the data of Stedin, Enexis, Enduris, Westland Infra and Coteq. As soon as more data is available, we will add to it.

Besides the location of the electricity cables, the data also shows the voltage level and the transformer substations. In the BlindGuide KLIC App you can see the data that is available based on your GPS position and a radius of about 50 meters around you. You can then view it on the map or in Augmented Reality (in premium version). On the map you can also scroll to a desired area where we will show the open data of the grid operator in that region.

Gas replacement programme

Municipalities and housing corporations are increasingly identifying areas where natural gas needs to make way for sustainable alternatives. For this reason, Stedin is also using the open data to clarify where gas pipelines may need to be replaced in the coming years.

In the open data, these gas pipelines that are sensitive to soil turbulence can be identified by clicking on them. The pop up screen will indicate “te vervangen voor 2030”.


Inspire open data gasvervanging

INSPIRE Directive

The aim of the INSPIRE Directive is to establish a European Union spatial data infrastructure. This INSPIRE data can be used for EU environmental policy. This European geo-data infrastructure will make it possible to share geo (environmental) information, facilitate public access to spatial information across Europe and contribute to cross-border policy-making.

The datasets we show you are based on INSPIRE: European Directive for Open Spatial Information.

These data are updated at least once a year by the regional network operators. The map provides insight into location data connections and station location data.



Displayed open data in our BlindGuide KLIC App does NOT replace the obligation for a KLIC notification in any case. When you start digging mechanically you have to make a KLIC excavation report at all times. No rights can be derived from the data in case of digging damage, for example..

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