Nine Circles

5 players BEATING Nine Circles 100% – Geometry Dash
5 players BEATING Nine Circles 100% – Geometry Dash

This is about the level. For the level trend with the same name, see List of Nine Circles levels.

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Nine Circles
Level Information
Creator Zobros
Stars 10
Level ID 4284013
Composer NIGHTkilla (Rukkus)
Song Nine Circles
Newgrounds ID 533927


Nine Circles (commonly abbreviated to NC) is a 1.9/2.0 solo Hard Demon created, verified, and published by Zobros. It is currently the fourth most downloaded Demon level in Geometry Dash. This level inspired many other users to create remakes referred to as Nine Circles levels.

Nine Circles is Zobros’ first original level. It utilizes 1.9-design and effects, especially prevalent in its now-iconic strobing wave section. Nine Circles is one of the most influential levels in Geometry Dash. Sometime after its upload, SuperPizzaLuigi, an unknown creator at the time, released Fairydust, which is very likely the level that started the Nine Circles trend. Numerous creators have since made Nine Circles levels, the most popular of which include Sonic Wave, Poltergeist, and Jawbreaker. Nine Circles levels are known to have intense dubstep songs as well as game modes in the typical order of cube, ship, ball, cube, wave, cube, although some Nine Circles levels do not follow this order. Despite its in-game rating, Nine Circles is generally considered an Easy or Medium Demon by the community.


  • 0-22%: The level starts with an easy cube section, consisting of a few simple jumps and tricks. It then increases in difficulty with a double-speed ship sequence made of slopes that can make the level trickier and tight spaces.
  • 22-34%: Next, the player enters a ball segment involving jump orbs and gravity portals. This part needs memorization because of the many fake jump orbs and because the player must have crucial timing on the jump orbs to avoid crashing into gears or spikes.
  • 34-39%: The level then transitions to a slow, easy cube segment with two simple jumps. Some timings are required because of the gears all over where the player is supposed to jump. Then, the song drops, which signals a drastic increase in difficulty as it transitions into an epileptic wave section.
  • 39-50%: The wave section begins with a normal-size wave segment mainly based on timings. At 45%, the player must go through an invisible space in the “slope”. At 48%, it transitions to a slow but tight wave segment.
  • 50-62%: The level transitions into an anti-gravity wave section returning to triple-speed with more timing and maneuvering. At 58%, it turns into a dual wave mainly based on precision.
  • 62-72%: The level transitions into a difficult mini-wave section which requires good precision due to several slopes being in the way, and if the player is not quick enough, it will result in a crash. The section gets a little slower at the end.
  • 72-83%: The level transitions to a mini anti-gravity wave segment, considered the hardest section of the level. It is similar to the previous mini wave segment but a little more difficult due to the reversed gravity. The section then transitions to a dual wave segment mainly based on memory.
  • 84-100%: Finally, the level ends with a medium-difficulty cube section, which involves a lot of timed jumps and memorization. The first jump orb must also be well-timed because hitting it too early will cause the player to hit the ceiling of a block and crash. The level ends with Zobros’ name, similar to most of his other original levels. This creator-signature is often replicated in other Nine Circles levels.


  • Right before the ship sequence, after the first cube segment, when there are blue pads, the player can enter the ship sequence in anti-gravity. This will always result in a crash as there is no normal gravity portal before the ball segment.
  • At the dual wave segment, before the mini-wave transition, there are two bugs. One bug where the player can enter the mini-wave segment in anti-gravity, and the other, where the wave misses the mini-portal and stays big.
  • The player can enter the ship part as a cube.
  • At the end of the tight slow-wave, the player can spam between the saw-blade and the gravity portal, which causes them to enter the second part of the wave in normal gravity, making it easier to maneuver.
  • At the end of the tight slow-wave, the player can avoid the speed portal and stay in half-speed, making it much easier to maneuver.

User coin[]

This level contains three user coins, all of which require moderate skill to obtain. The second coin is arguably the hardest one to get by a significant margin.

  1. The first coin is located in the ball segment. The player must skip a yellow orb, land on fake spikes on which the coin lies, and switch their gravity to get back on course.
  2. The second coin is located in the wave section. When the player is an anti-gravity wave, there is a coin on top of a saw-blade. To collect it, the player must avoid the regular route and must have precise timing to not crash into the saw-blade. Upon getting the coin, the player must click once before clicking and holding a second time to get out of the danger zone.
  3. The third and final coin is located in the final cube section. Hitting the edge of the second-to-last jump pad and bouncing on the jump orb in the last second shoots the cube far enough from the final jump pad and under Zobros’ name. The surrounding spikes disappear while the coin appears on screen with a message from Zobros saying: “NOICE”.


  • Razing717 failed at 93%.
  • Flub failed at 94%.
  • Bycraftxx failed at 94%.
  • BackLash failed at 93%.
  • Emerald crashed at 94%, which lead to her giving up on the level. As of today, she still hasent returned to it.


  • The password for the level is 121214.
  • The level contains 14,894 objects.
  • The level is 1m 32s in length.
  • The level was easier when it was first created, but then Zobros updated the level to make it harder, before reverting it back to the original version. Most recently, he updated the level to add user coins.
  • NIGHTkilla’s songs often have identical structures and beats. Because of this, Nine Circles seems to synchronize perfectly with the second part of the NK song “Fairydust”.
  • This is Zobros’ most famous level, having received countless other remakes that have gotten noticed and occasionally featured.
  • Cyclic created his version of Nine Circles, naming it Sonic Wave, but replaced it with a remake of Back on Track, apparently due to accusations of hacking. Sonic Wave was considerably harder than other Nine Circles levels, such as Down Bass or Crimson Clutter. However, since it was removed, the latter was, at the time, the hardest. Sonic Wave was later verified by Sunix, thus making it the new hardest Nine Circles level.
    • Sonic Wave is no longer the hardest Nine Circles-themed level, as Arctic Lights, Aquatic Auroras, Aerial Gleam, The Hallucination, Cosmic Cyclone, Hyper Paracosm, Molten Core, Sakupen Circles, Sonic Wave Rebirth, and Sonic Wave Infinity are all harder. Currently, Sakupen Circles is the hardest of the levels listed.
  • Like many of Zobros’ levels, its description reads “Easy”, therefore making it highly misleading.
  • On April 1, 2020, RobTop made the level the Daily Level as an April Fools’ Day joke.
  • On April 1, 2021, RobTop accidentally deleted all of the level’s comments, which made many players infuriated because that meant Michigun’s (whose death had been announced only a few days prior) comment “Guess who’s first?” was deleted too, with many stating it as “disrespect”.
  • In the level Dark Odyssey, there is a part from this level found at 79%.
  • During June 2021, KrmaL and crohn44 did a challenge called “Four and a half-circles” in which they beat the level while alternating inputs.[1]
  • Prior to 2.2.11 Update, Nine Circles can be only played on Geometry Dash World. It can be found on Page 130 in Featured Levels.
  • There is an upcoming sequel to Nine Circles named “Nine Circles II”.
  • This level is the only Demon-difficulty level available in Geometry Dash World that is not a Weekly Demon.



Geometry Dash – Nine Circles (Demon) – by Zobros (me)

The verification of Nine Circles. Credits to Zobros.

Geometry Dash 2.0 – Nine Circles ✓ by Zobros (10★) (All Coins) (Medium Demon) 1080p 60fps

The re-nerfed version of Nine Circles with all three coins. It, however, does hold a couple of old features from the buffed version that were not changed back. The background in the ball also now has a design instead of just a plain color. Credit to Mr Jesus Tutoriales.

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