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New England Integrated Health

New England Integrated Health

Information about New England Integrated Health

02139, Cambridge

Opening hours

  • Monday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Thursday: 12:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Our clinic has made adjustments to keep the office safe and our patients healthy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have reviewed our office flow, treatment protocols, and payment process and made modifications to reduce your exposure and create a safe environment. We are committed to providing you with the best possible care while keeping you safe and healthy.

Thank you for being a part of the New England Integrated Health community! We appreciate your trust and loyalty, and we look forward to seeing you back at the office soon!

Modern research has shown that acupuncture is a safe, effective, chemical-free way to promote the body’s remarkable self-healing abilities. Acupuncture involves the insertion and manipulation of flexible, hair-thin needles at specific points on the body. Most patients find the sensations produced by acupuncture to be deeply relaxing both mentally and physically.

We are located at 335 Broadway in mid Cambridge and are open Monday through Saturday. Parking is located behind the building. This clinic is accepting new patients.

Our second location is at the MIT medical center, on the third floor inside of community wellness. This is a partnership between NEIH and MIT medical community wellness, but at this time it is limited to students and student family members that are on the MIT student extended health plan. This is temporarily closed due to COVID, but is expected to reopen Fall or Winter 2021.

Our third clinic is a pop-up clinic at Wayfair’s headquarters in Boston. Appointments for this clinic are limited to Wayfair employees and it is located on the second floor in the wellness space.

The fourth location for the clinic is at Tufts University Student Health Services, which is located at 124 professors row in Medford. This clinic is only for Tufts University students.

New England Integrated Health: Reviews

I have been seeing Johanna for the past couple of months and my life has changed. I suffer from chronic back and shoulder pain and the treatments have made my life a lot better. She is very through and listens to all my concerns. I would say she has a magical touch with needles.

Had a wonderful experienced with Johannah Macbeth. She was very attentive and very soft spoken. It was relaxing setting. Will continue to see and recommend her to anyone who’s looking for Acupuncture.

Abram is a wonderful acupuncturist with significant experience and superb bedside manner. I was nervous my first time getting acupuncture and he made me feel very comfortable. He helped me when I was dealing with long COVID after multiple infections and it totally changed my life. I got my energy back after months of fatigue and my mood improved after a long period of post-COVID depression. I also noticed a reduction in anxiety, which has been a life-long problem. Additionally he has helped alleviate my back pain with both acupuncture and guasha.

Johannah and Abram are wonderful service and care providers. They genuinely care and their team’s communication leading up to and post-appointments is seamless. I would highly recommend this practice.

Calming and professional. Thank you.

I have always had a wonderful experience receiving acupuncture at NEIH. I’ve been a patient of several of the individual practitioners and all have been outstanding.

Been going here for about a year. I only see Am Giang and she is the best. 10 out of 10 experience. I’ll never go anywhere else.

Haoming was amazing. He took his time and ensured I felt comfortable and safe. 10/10 recommend.

Abram is amazing! I started my treatments for severe PMS with him beginning of 2022. I was also suffering from chronic feet, lower back, psoas pain on my right. After a few months of seeing him on a weekly basis, I felt a lot better. My pms symptoms became mild to non existent, my pain improved, and I was able to resume a normal life full of activity the whole month. Before my treatments, I suffered from intense pms symptoms for two weeks before my period each month. I was sad to stop my treatments when I moved to NY. I have not yet found a practice that I trust as much as NEIH. I recently came back for a visit to get some treatments for post-COVID symptoms. The treatments have helped me significantly again. I’m happy that most of my symptoms are much improved and some of them completely gone. Abram is incredible. He patiently answers all questions and concerns. I can’t recommend him and NEIH enough.

I cannot possibly love this place more than I already do. I first came to see Abram Ojure in September of 2022 as a first time acupuncture patient. He was incredibly friendly, took his time to answer all my questions and actually listen to my concerns, and was deeply knowledgeable in making my care plan. I came for multiple reasons – all of which I laid on on Day 1 (upcoming egg retrieval, ankle, knee, residual whiplash, general stress/anxiety/depression, and just overall wanting to add a new type of healing to my life). Abram tackled every single issue to where I no longer have pain, I only need minimal maintenance, and a very special step in my fertility journey could not have gone more seamlessly today. From making you so comfortable with heating lamps and calming music, to understanding acupuncture as a medical treatment as opposed to a boutique spa treatment, there’s no place like NEIH. I also saw Darquin Chiu while Abram was on leave – highly recommend as well. Both Abram and Darquin are phenomenal, and highly competent. The proof is in the pudding – try them out, commit to some consistency and the best care plan they set for you, and you will get results. I now recommend acupuncture to all my friends and family regardless of their situation because I genuinely believe that everyone can benefit from the energy balance of acupuncture.

This place is amazing. I am so thankful to have been introduced to it as a student – I will miss regular appointments more than any restaurant or any place here when I graduate!

I’ve had a wonderful experience receiving acupuncture from Janette. She’s thoughtful and perceptive and has helped me tremendously. When there was a miscommunication and my insurance didn’t accept a claim she insisted on covering the bill. I highly recommend her and the broader practice.

I am full of praise for NEIH and Dr. Abram Ojure. I was having sciatica-like pain in my lower back and piriformis, and Dr. Ojure’s acupuncture treatment gave me quick relief. He was attentive, informed, and friendly. This was my initial encounter with acupuncture, and I felt very comfortable during the session. I had four appointments with Dr. Ojure, and if I hadn’t moved to Chicago, I would still be going to NEIH for all my acupuncture requirements.

I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments from Janette for the last few months and she has been incredible! She is very kind and accommodating. She employs a variety of techniques, such as acupuncture, cupping, and gua sha. After every visit, you will feel relaxed and at peace. She is the best!

Am has helped significantly with my stress and GI discomfort. Acupuncture at NE Integrated Health is amazing!

The whole team is very supportive to my well-being.

I like my doctor so much. The treatment works very well!!!Highly recommended.

This place is MAGICAL. I have never recommended any businesses to anyone, but given the cumulative effect of the pandemic on our bodies, I highly recommend the New England Integrated Health in Cambridge on Broadway for acupuncture and physical therapy. I especially recommend Abram, who is exceptionally talented, caring, and experienced. I was in so much pain from nerve compression and muscle tension so that it was hurting even to sit in front of the computer. Zoom neck, sciatica, left over de quervain, shoulder pain — you name it. Regular yoga, exercise and even massage were no longer keeping up! After 3 -4 sessions a the NEIH, I finished my book which I was trying to do for few weeks. (!) I never thought that acupuncture could be so amazing. Abram and other therapists at NEIH are simply top notch. They accept all kinds of insurances. Even without an insurance the price for a session is comparable to a massage session. I love massage but acupuncture, especially at this particular place was completely mind blowing! Plus, acupuncture does not hurt. Really. Especially if you compare to what you have to go through to untangle a tensed muscle via a deep tissue therapy! Physical therapy is just as great and they combine these services depending on your needs. I saw Danielle for physical therapy and it was hugely helpful! But you do need to do her homework exercises. It helps to do even small portion of them even if they seem to be simple although they are not.

I’ve been seeing the team here for the past couple months, and now feel like I don’t know what I’d do without them. I’d used Acupuncture as part of my healthcare for 12+ years before moving here, and I had an accident with traumatic brain injury not long after relocating. I located them through my insurance company, and based on Abram’s reviews, I waited for an opening in his schedule and have been seeing him weekly since. He really does have a gift. Abram arranged for me to see Darquin also for a few weeks, whose technique was different and also super helpful. Once, when I needed help on short notice, I saw Janette, who also blew me away. They all use slightly different approaches, but no matter who I’ve seen, I’ve had really good experience and most importantly, better outcomes in my recovery process since beginning my acupuncture here. For the first time since the injury 2 years ago, I have had truly good days, and often notice big differences in how I’m feeling in real time. It’s my impression that the whole team here is extremely talented and I am very grateful to have found them. FYI, they have a really calm, effective COVID-safe patient check-in process; I have never had to wait in a waiting room with other patients so it’s always just me and the practitioner. Also – they have a parking lot so it’s really easy to integrate appointments into my day (no time spent looking for parking so I know exactly how much time to plan for). Highly, highly recommended.

I’ve been going to Abram and his team for almost a decade now, and I’ve never been disappointed. They provide top-notch care, and I always feel like I’m being listened to and taken into consideration when it comes to my treatment plan. Not to mention, Janette is the go-to for neck issues. Plus, the convenient location and parking make it even better. NEIH is doing a fantastic job!

I have had five months of treatment with Darquin at NEIH and it has been amazing! He is a highly skilled healer with a gentle approach and a very caring, compassionate, and considerate attitude. The clinic is cozy, clean, and inviting and all of the staff make me feel welcomed, taken care of, and secure. I have already recommended NEIH to several of my friends, and I can’t say enough good things about it.

I am so grateful for NEIH and the amazing work that Abram and his team do. During my first semester of grad school, I was fortunate enough to attend his MIT clinic and the acupuncture treatments I have received have been a tremendous help in managing my stress and improving my overall health. I have never felt better – I am sleeping soundly and my energy is at an all-time high. Acupuncture is an invaluable resource for students and I cannot thank NEIH enough.

I’ve been seeing Abram Ojure for acupuncture, and feel grateful and so overwhelmed by the success of the treatments. He’s done more in a very short time than my experience over the years of doctors, tests and treatments. I recommended him to family and friends and they share my esteem. Clean and spacious, there is also easy access parking and they follow strict COVID guidelines so I always feel safe.

Amazing clinicians, knowledgeable and very thoughtful. The clinic is beautiful and there are lots of rooms that are spacious and calming. I always leave feeling more refreshed, and aligned. Best experience with acupuncture in the Cambridge somerville area.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing each practitioner and all of them are AMAZING!!! I recommend them to everyone I know who is interested in acupuncture and they have yet to disappoint. I was suffering greatly during the summer of 2017 with an inflamed piriformis muscle and Abram and Darquin both helped me find relief within a week. This was after seeing a PT and chiropractor for approximately a month with not much relief. They were able to pinpoint the area and got right in there to loosen it up. I’m forever grateful for their care!

Abram and his team are amazing! Working at a desk can take such a toll on your body, and after trying a myriad of methods to alleviate my shoulder and neck pain I had pretty much given up and accepted I would be in pain for the rest of my life. I tried accupuncture with New England Integrated Health and after one (painless) session I felt immediate results. Over the weeks accupuncture and gua sha with Abram has improved my posture, alleviated my pain and stiffness and allowed me to sleep better and exercise more. My husband is now a patient as well for his TMJ and has been thrilled with the pain relief in his jaw. They also have a email and text appointment confirmation system that’s super convenient!

I would still recommend people coming here: 1. Abram is good at what he’s doing: My back pain issue has been relieved after going to Abram’s for 4 month. 2. The location is convenient, parking included. However, I won’t. Here is my reason, and they are just facts that happened during my treatment: Fact 1: After one treatment, he forgot the remove the heating lamp above my back and told me everything is clear that I can get up and get changed, and that’s how I got a quick burnt on my back. It’s not serious and doesn’t require medical attention, but he never apologized for it, nor has he ever showed any sign of regret. In fact the only thing he said when I informed him the incident is ” Let me know if it’s getting worse”. Comment: I still decided to keep going as the result has been satisfying and given the fact that acupucture treatment is a long going process. Fact 2: My appointment has been cancelled without any notification at the end of May, and I didn’t find out until that day morning. Abram said he will look into the booking system issue. Comment: It is suggested to upgrade the booking system. Fact 3: When he charged me the wrong copay during my last visit , he admitted in the text and didn’t take action for a day and a half. When I told him to cancel the rest of my appointment, he took the action of refunding me the extra part immediately, apologized and explained in multiple text messages. Meanwhile, he also called two times trying to communicate with me about all the stress that have caused, which is unnecessary and could have been avoided if things are taken seriously in the first place. Comment: This is the last straw.

I’ve been visiting Abram and his colleagues over the past 8 months to treat a chronic repetitive strain related issue, and the positive results have made a huge difference in my ability to manage a busy work environment and improved my daily quality of life. All aspects of the care I’ve received have been excellent. I highly recommend their practice.

I highly recommend Abram and Alison. They are very knowleable and are active listeners when describing your current health issues / chronic pain.

Caring and knowledgeable. They have helped me immensely with my headaches and persistent low back stuff and I would not hesitate to refer patients to their practice.

Amazing assistance in my recovery from a car accident which left me challenged in mobility for months. They helped get me moving on numerous occasions. Also felt well heard, diagnosed, and treated.

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