McGraw Hill Glencoe Algebra 1, 2012

The Easiest Geometry Book
The Easiest Geometry Book

Glencoe Algebra 1 from McGraw Hill, with ISBN 9780076639236, was co-authored by Carter, Cuevas, Day, and Malloy. The textbook is aligned to the Common Core Curriculum with chapters covering all math standards. This includes linear equations, functions and inequalities, systems of linear equations and inequalities, exponents and exponential functions, quadratic expressions and equations, radical and rational functions, and statistics and probability. With Mathleaks every student can access educational solutions to all exercises in Glencoe Algebra 1. Each textbook solution also includes a hint and an answer that encourages students to try solving themselves before reading the solution. Mathleaks is similar to hiring a private tutor with the additional benefit of being affordable and always available. It is useful for families and students alike. All of our textbook solutions have been authored and proofread by math teachers and help every student to understand the material and not just memorize it. This is a different approach to, say, using an online graphing calculator, a math calculator, or a math solver, as learning is at the core of Mathleaks. By using Mathleaks, families have access to an affordable digital private math teacher that is always available to help out when a student gets stuck on their homework.

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