Math U See Geometry Overview
Math U See Geometry Overview

Math-U-See is math you’ll love.

  • Easy to use for both student and teacher
  • Uses a distinctive set of manipulatives to visually represent and demonstrate math concepts
  • Student-paced mastery approach suitable for all levels

What makes Math-U-See distinctive?

Integrated Manipulatives

Our integrated manipulatives put the “See” in Math-U-See.

Integrated Manipulatives

Research shows learning math concepts with manipulatives deepens understanding, increases retention, and makes math more interesting to students of all ages.

Our distinctive manipulatives allow abstract math concepts to be represented in clear, relatable ways, which enables students to develop a concrete understanding of mathematical concepts. Students use these manipulatives at every stage of their learning, from early number sense through quadratic equations.

Conceptual Understanding

Students go beyond memorization to develop a deeper mathematical understanding.

Conceptual Understanding

Math skills and concepts are presented in a logical sequence. Lessons focus on demonstrating how and when to apply concepts in real-world scenarios, which give students a deeper understanding.

Math-U-See uses a mastery approach, allowing students to build a strong foundation of fundamental concepts and skills before moving on. Concepts build on one another and are applied and reviewed to broaden the student’s mathematical understanding.

Simple Design

Easy to use for both students and instructors.

Simple Design

Math-U-See instruction includes clear guidance for introducing, reviewing, practicing, and mastering concepts. Each lesson incorporates multiple tools such as:

  • Videos
  • Manipulatives
  • Lesson Practice Worksheets
  • Systematic Review Pages
  • Supplemental Resources

The curriculum is designed to appeal to multiple learning styles and adapt to a variety of learning environments.

Skill-Based Placement

Placement with a Math-U-See program is skill-based, not grade-based.


Students should start at their individual level of mastery. While concepts are reviewed continuously throughout Math-U-See, it is important that previously presented concepts have prepared a solid foundation.

Our placement resources help ensure that students start Math-U-See at the level best suited for them.

Explore All of Math-U-See

Math-U-See Curriculum

The Math-U-See Curriculum is a complete and comprehensive K–12 math curriculum. Each level concentrates on a specific set of skills, while continuously reviewing and integrating topics and concepts presented in previous levels. By using tools such as videos, manipulatives, and other resources, the Math-U-See Curriculum is designed to appeal to all types of learners in a variety of learning environments.

Classroom Manipulatives System

The Classroom Manipulatives System (CMS) is designed for a school setting and provides a powerful set of manipulatives, instructional strategies, and digital tools to work alongside the existing K–5 math curriculum to visually demonstrate the “why” behind each math concept.

Accelerated Individualized Mastery

The Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) programs provide a solution for students who are struggling because of gaps in their foundational math skill set. These supplemental programs use proven Math-U-See strategies and manipulatives in combination with an accelerated approach, allowing students to quickly move through a skill set they have not yet mastered.

Math-U-See Online Resources

Digital Toolbox

The Digital Toolbox includes lesson videos, instructor materials and solutions, virtual manipulatives, a worksheet generator, and more!

Signing up for a free account will give you access to the first three lessons of each level of the Math-U-See Curriculum. It’s a great way to sample what the Math-U-See Curriculum has to offer. If you have purchased a Digital Pack or Digital License, you will have access to every lesson of your purchased level.

Screenshot of Digital Toolbox showing Beta Lesson 3

Virtual Manipulatives

Our Virtual Manipulatives offer another tool for learning. You can use these virtual manipulatives to work through a full range of mathematical concepts, including numbers and counting, operations, fractions, decimals, integers, and algebraic expressions (levels Primer through Algebra 1 ).


We strive to provide many resources to make learning possible in any type of environment. These resources give support to help you provide the best experience.

Resources include:

  • Activity Sheets
  • Worksheet Generator
  • Online Drill Tool
  • Print Corrections
  • Placement Tools

Learning Library

Coming Soon!

Our Learning Library provides insight into some of the most commonly asked pre-purchase questions. Browse in-depth articles to learn more about Math-U-See.


We are here to support your educational journey and provide the ultimate customer service experience!

Print Corrections & Errata

We strive to provide the most accurate content for our customers, but occasionally an error slips through. Our errata provides a list of Math-U-See print corrections that have been reported.

About Demme Learning

Math-U-See is published by Demme Learning, an independent family-owned and -operated publishing company. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Demme Learning has been providing innovative learning solutions since 1990.

At Demme Learning, our philosophy has been developed from core principles that address the nature of the learner, the nature of learning, and the nature of instructional design.

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