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Understand Geometry in 10 min
Understand Geometry in 10 min

Dear New York High Schoolers,
Best on your Regents exams this week.
Make sure you get to school early and eat a good breakfast!
Do not leave early: Spend all the allotted time (3 hours — unless your IEP is for more time)
Eat a good breakfast
Read carefully
Go over the entire exam after you finish and check your work
Robin the Math Lady

regents exam sked 0119

Students greatly benefit from knowing how the long answers on their tests will be scored.

44% of the exam is now non-multiple choice (38/86 points) whereas the Integrated Algebra had only 30% of the points (26/86) as non-multiple choice.

Too often students leave these questions blank which yields, um, zero points.

So it is super important for students to answer as many of these questions as they can and have knowledge on how the grading is done.

Click for Model Response Set that shows “student work” for graders to have examples of what work looks like at different point levels. For example, a 2 point question will have model responses that show 0, 1 and 2 points.

The Rating Guide has a broader rubric on how many points to award student work but this is often just a description so graders use both documents in the grading process.

Model Response Set

Rating Guide

From the January 2016 Common Core Geometry Regents

Jan 2016 Geo Regents 2

This is a graphing calculator question so into Y= we go.
Y1 = -1/2x -5 (the blue line) slope of -1/2 and y-intercept of (0,-5)
Then we will try all the choices until we find THE ANSWER!!
ok here we go…answer (1) into Y2 (see below)…um, not perpendicular, in fact, incredibly parallel as y = -1/2x + 4 also has a slope of -1/2

CC Geo Jan 2016 2a

ok, ready for answer (2) into Y2? Here it is…looks mighty parallel (slope = -1/2)

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From the January 2016 Common Core Geometry Regents

Jan 2016 Geo Regents 1
The key word to read in the question is “not”:
“Which drawing can not be a cross section of a cone?”
Then look at the shapes and determine which one is the least conelike.

That’s it — you just earned 2 points!!

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