MATH-190/5 Calculus I, Section 2 Spring 2020 FINAL

Calculus 1: Final Exam Review
Calculus 1: Final Exam Review

Calculus 1 Final Exam – Lecture notes 1

University: University of Nicosia

Course: Calculus I (MATH-190)

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MATH-190/5 Calculus I, Section 2

Spring 2020


Time Allowed: Two Hours (18:40-20:40)

Date: 25 May, 2020


– There are 7 (seven) problems in this exam. Solve ALL problems. You must show all

your work.

– Make sure your answers are in a single (one, 1) .pdf file with the pages in the correct

order and your name on the first page. You are to submit this file by 21:00 sharp via the

appropriate link on the course Moodle page. Along with your answers, also submit your

formula sheet. If the file is too big you may compress it in .zip or .rar format or even provide

me with a link to your cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Adobe Cloud) from

which I can download the file.

– Keep attending the examination WebEx session with your camera pointed to you and

video on until after the end of 20 minute period (20:40-21:00) within which you must

create your .pdf and submit your answers.

-VERY IMPORTANT : Submissions that are not in .pdf format, or that have not been

uploaded through the appropriate Moodle link within the time limit, will NOT be considered.


1. Compute the limits. Should they not exist, state if they are ∞,−∞, or are undefined.

(a) lim



sin √x=(5 pts)

(b) lim


(sin 2√x)2

x=(5 pts)

(c) lim

x→∞ px6+ 2×3−x3=(5 pts)

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