Acura Integra DC2 FULL Restoration
Acura Integra DC2 FULL Restoration

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M & M HONDA proposes a design with a wide body KIT for users who pursue further individuality in INTEGRA DC2 and seek commitment. With a total width of 65 mm on each side, the ultra-wide body is as powerful as the WTCC and BTCC, which are the highest peaks in touring car racing. The parts composition is a 3-point KIT consisting of a front wide fender and a rear wide fender (bumper integrated type) large side spoiler. Not only circuit driving users but also street driving users can build another dimension of racing DC2 with a powerful wide body KIT. ■ Parts composition consists of three points KIT: front wide fender, rear wide fender, and side spoiler. ■ The widened body size will be increased by 65mm on one side of the front and 65mm on one side of the rear. ■ The applicable bumper is a C-West aero bumper on the front and a genuine bumper on the rear. (Please contact us as it is possible to manufacture bumpers from other manufacturers.) ■ The model year is applicable to all early and late models. ■ The material is FRP unpainted white gel coat finish. ■ The fuel wheel lid has been redesigned into a sporty round shape to match the widened fender, and it is safe with a key. ■ It is necessary to process the genuine front fender and rear fender for installation. ■ It will be attached by drilling holes in the fender. ■ When driving on public roads, it is necessary to notify the structural changes such as the width of the vehicle. ■ Accessories include stainless steel hexagon button screws, bolt nuts, stainless steel blind nuts (special tool nutter is required separately), front and rear aluminum grills, and instruction manuals are all included. * Caution: Inferior copy products are sold online. Regular “M &” before purchasing the product Please doubt if it is “M HONDA brand”. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us. To purchase a genuine product, we recommend that you purchase it from an authorized retailer. Please contact us for the product. Be careful when purchasing from the internet. We do not provide any support for illegal copy products. Genuine products include M & M HONDA stamps, stickers, and instruction manuals.


■ Illegal copy products are on sale. Copy products are products that are sold and manufactured without our permission. It is an inferior product that is far inferior to the original in terms of quality and performance. Please be careful not to purchase illegal copy products. We recommend that you purchase at an authorized retailer linked from the M & M HONDA website. Copy products do not have the M & M HONDA logo mark, and the instruction manuals and packaging boxes do not have the logo mark. We do not accept product support, so please be sure to check when purchasing. ■ Because it is an FRP material, painting is required.


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