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Geometry Dash 2.2 IMPOSSIBLE Wave Spam
Geometry Dash 2.2 IMPOSSIBLE Wave Spam

Silent clubstep opening

The beginning of the most popular Silent level, Silent clubstep.

The Silent levels are custom remake levels of which the difficulty is far beyond most difficult legitimately beaten levels. The levels are generally considered impossible, though some Silent levels (especially earlier ones) have been verified or confirmed to be humanly possible. Most of them involve extremely tight spaces, frame-perfect timings, block mazes, confusing paths, and bugs. Silent levels are further separated into two sets: physically impossible levels and humanly impossible levels, both defined by their ability to be completed in practice mode, with start positions, or with other modifications which do not affect game physics. The term “Silent” originates from the 1.5 level Silent Club and was popularized by the 1.8 level Silent clubstep as a community rating for impossible levels.

Silent levels are typically verified via illegitimate methods such as secret ways, speed-hacking, no-clip, GDBot, or other modifications.

The only Silent levels to ever be beaten legitimately are as follows. Of these, only Silent Club and Silent clubstep are rated.

  • SilentFunk (beaten by GeometryJosh on September 21, 2016,[1] and SrGuillester on September 26, 2016[2])
  • Satanic Clubstep (beaten by ventris on May 16, 2020)
  • Silent Club (beaten by Luqualizer on October 29, 2020)
  • Silent Circus (beaten by Tuggy on May 15, 2022)
  • Silent clubstep (beaten by paqoe on July 17, 2022)
  • Theory of Silent (beaten by WatchPiggy on July 19, 2022[3])


The origin of the Silent levels began with a 1.6 unregistered creator called Play 1107696, the creator of the notorious Insane Demon Alphabet X. On April 1st, 2014, Play 1107696 uploaded Silent Club, a near-impossible remake of the main level Clubstep. The level was initially rated Demon until the player Cyclic identified a hard-to-reach secret way in the level, leading to the rating being revoked. The level features staples of future Silent levels, including confusing paths, spam segments, extremely unbalanced difficulty, and humanly impossible movements. With its difficulty far surpassing any Demon of its time, Silent Club would remain untouched during Updates 1.6 through 2.1.

Later, Sailent, also known as Nautilus2k, started his career of creating Silent levels. He has uploaded several impossible levels, including Deadly Clubstep v2 (a remake of Deadly ClubStep), SilentFunk, and most notably, Silent clubstep. As time went by, a few creators decided to release their impossible levels, such as the infamous Death Corridor. However, it is important to note that an impossible level is not necessarily a “Silent” level.

In 1.9, the player known as RoadMC2 (carbonacidcookies) created an insanely difficult silent level known as Deadly Silent Club. This level introduced insane wave spamming, which is impossible in Normal Mode without using an auto version or GDBot. In 2.1, the level was updated by Convindix. The new version has the same gameplay in many parts, but the most significant change is a click counter: in order to beat the level, the player has to click 2↑↑999 times. Currently Deadly Silent Club is placed 22nd on The Hardest Theoretically Possible Levels List.

Silent levels have become popular once again after Cyrillic and Sailent released a collaboration during Update 2.0 called Silent Circles, an impossible Nine Circles remake.

Silent Club would remain dormant as a legitimate level until the player Luqualizer verified and published the unnerfed and bug-fixed versions of the level on October 29, 2020 and April 24, 2021 respectively, with the latter being rated. He would later claim that the level’s first half is around Bloodbath difficulty, the second half is Insane Demon difficulty, and the spam sections carry the overall difficulty.


Most levels abbreviated as “Silent levels” are buffed remakes of existing levels, which are NOT true silent levels. True silent levels will instead be Silent *insert song name* and be a completely original level. Original design choices include Nine Circles and Hell-themed styles. Gameplay segments often include visuals that completely obscure player vision, such as black colors and decoration. Most older Silent levels, like Silent Club, were Clubstep-themed.

List of Silent Levels[]

Please help contribute to this list by adding more levels. A more exhaustive list can be found here, the silent levels being in the categories >1.

This is the chronological list of all the impossible levels published, Silent Levels began only after Silent Club was made. Please note that levels like Red World (formerly) and Very Easy (which is impossible due to a bug) are excluded from this list.

Silent Club Play 1107696 Clubstep by DJ-Nate 1.6
Silent Mountain DiaCreeper Cycles by DJVI 1.7
Silent clubstep Nautilus2k Clubstep by DJ-Nate 1.8/1.9
Silent Machine Saria Time Machine by Waterflame 1.9
Deadly Clubstep v2 Nautilus2k Clubstep by DJ-Nate 1.8
Silent Circus EnDerMoDzKiNg -Clownparty Remix- by Waterflame 1.9
Sailent Clubstar Nautilus2k Clubstep by Dj-Nate 1.9
SilentFunk Nautilus2k Clutterfunk by Waterflame 1.9
Deadly Silent Club GWRoadMc2 and Convindix Clubstep by Dj-Nate 1.9-2.1
Silent Akbar[Notes 1] Riot, Cyclic, and Aurorus Clubstep by Dj-Nate 1.6
Silent Acropolis Danmaster007 Final Battle by Waterflame 2.0
Silent Circles Cyrillic and Sailent Supernova by Xtrullor 2.0
Theory of Silent TheChaoticNeko Theory of Everything by DJ-Nate 2.0
Silent Processing Plutonium238 Blast Processing by Waterflame 2.0
Silent Poltergeist Cyrillic Poltergeist (Old Mix) by Rukkus 2.0
Silent Processing Z UltraMan771 Blast Processing by Waterflame 2.0
Silentlocked Player Stalemate by Kayoszx 2.0
Silent Circles II Cyrillic (and more) Nine Circles Xtrullor Remix by Xtrullor 2.0
Silent Skrillex ExploitG4mer My Name Is Skrillex Remix by Cethic 2.0
Silent Circles XII NeuraxRussia Supernova by Xtrullor 2.0
Silent Crimson World Convindix Clubstep by DJNate 2.1



  • Silent Club was confirmed to be possible when Luqualizer verified it on October 29, 2020. It was later placed at #15 on the Geometry Dash Demonlist at that time.
    • Despite this, Tuggy beat the level 2 days later after it was released.
    • Zodiac is the first Top 1 Extreme Demon to be considered harder than Silent Club.
  • Cyrillic created a possible version of Silent Circles titled Supernova Circles. It was rated Demon for less than ten minutes before being unrated due to the creator’s notoriety for hacking.
    • An auto version by ToshDeluxe was also rated 1* for a short time.
  • GeometryJosh verified the unnerfed version of SilentFunk legitimately, making him the first player to have ever beaten a Silent level.[4] SrGuillester later verified a redecorated version of it.[5]
  • There is an upcoming buffed remake of Satanic Clubstep called “Diabolic ClubStep” which is set to be the hardest level in the game, although Sevant had already verified the unbuffed version after 171,272 attempts.[6]
    • Ventris also verified Satanic Clubstep, stating that it would place around Bloodlust difficulty if rated.
  • Despite formerly being considered impossible, older Silent levels such as Silentfunk, Theory of Silent, and Silent Club are considered to be easier than modern Extreme Demons such as Oblivion, Promethean, and Firework.


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