is business calculus hard(solved)

is business calculus hard
is business calculus hard

in this post we will discover if business calculus is hard or not, and what the difference is between business calculus and regular calculus.

Is business calculus hard

A business calculus course is hard if we compare it to algebra courses but it is still easier than a regular calculus course that engineers, physicists, and mathematicians take. In business calculus, students focus on application rather than theory which remains the hardest part of the calculus.

In other words, they do apply derivatives and integrals to real-life applications in business and ignore all calculus applications that engineers, physicists, and mathematicians employ in their majors.

But generally, it is not a difficult course for students who have solid basics in algebra courses like Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Algebra is a solid basis for the calculus business, you’ll be using equations, functions, and limits to solve financial problems.

The good news for the calculus business is it doesn’t include trigonometry which makes it easier for people hating geometry. That is to say, you won’t be studying angles like π or trigonometric functions such as cos(x) or sin(x).

The calculus business focuses more on application or practice like studying the economic market and expects future growths or downs in the market. Business calculus students will apply all the rules that study market and sales changes.

Regardless of the advantage that business calculus has over regular calculus, it stays complicated and has 90% of the similarities that regular calculus.

So for students who have not been doing well in Algebra 2 or Algebra 3, in addition to precalculus. It is recommended to not take this course before building their knowledge around functions, limits, series, and some probability and combinatorics.

But if you were doing well in algebra high school classes and, like getting A’s or B’s, you can go for it will not be a problem.

Difference between business calculus and regular calculus

The main difference between business calculus and regular calculus is that the Business calculus course does not teach trigonometry a geometry course that includes:

  • angles and unit circles
  • trigonometric functions like cos and sin
  • triangles

instead, they study statistics and probability like:

  • median
  • mean
  • mode

So they study all the math subjects that touch business and economy. As a result, understanding financial concepts of a business like:

  • finding the most profitable month for a company
  • determine the dividends of the industry
  • calculate the risk rate of project failure

all the applications of business calculus are related to marketing, sales, and economics. So they all seem tangible and easy to absorb.

While in regular calculus subjects, students including engineers, physicists, and mathematicians are focused more on proofs and theorems. They employ calculus rules in industrial design, research, and development for instance:

  • design car or plane engines
  • design and aerodynamics body of a plain
  • developing new fuels that produce powerful energy

In contrast, regular calculus courses teach all math subjects including trigonometry, multivariable functions or caluclus 3, and differential equations. These subjects are the most difficult subjects but luckily not included in business calculus. For this reason, business calculus is considered easier than regular calculus.

what student study in business calculus

in business calculus, students study 4 main subjects:

  1. limits and continuity
  2. derivatives
  3. integrals
  4. functions

These 4 subjects are the same subjects regular calculus courses teach, the only difference is in business calculus classes students dig deeper into these topics as regular calculus does.

Is business calculus harder than statistics?

Business calculus is harder than statistics, it introduces more advanced and heavy topics that students require a long time to absorb like derivatives and integrals which remain the toughest subjects college students struggle into.

But statistics has its own difficulties, it is a subject that requires a lot of memorization. In other words, you have a lot of symbols and rules you should memorize and a lot of number tables and graphs to analyze.

While business calculus requires a bit more critical thinking, for instance, having the ability to solve equations and study functions like finding derivatives of integrals. As a result, require a lot of practice and solving a problem to get familiar with.

In business calculus, you have limits, derivatives, and integrals.

While in statistics you have mean, median, and mode.

for students who like to memorize more than understand and analyze business calculus will be hard for them than statistics.

By contrast, students who love to understand science and know the resource or how things are done. Business calculus will be easier for them than boring tables to fill and statistics graphs to draw.

Why is business calculus so hard

business calculus is one of the difficult subjects but it is still doable and acceptable compared to other advanced courses. But many students complain about business calculus and consider it very hard. Here are the 3 main reasons why they find business calculus hard.

1 have week basics in algebra

if you struggle or find business calculus hard, you’re likely to have weak basics or have not been doing well in high school algebra. You will likely have problems in the 5 following subjects:

  1. Polynomial arithmetic
  2. Complex numbers
  3. Rational exponents and radicals
  4. exponential and logarithms
  5. equations

having weak basics or foundations in thesis subjects means you will find business calculus hard. Because business calculus is based on these algebraic subjects. So you should go back and find where you struggle or teach yourself algebra again.

Business calculus requires solid foundations. If you skip subjects, you will always find problems in the future.

2 don’t study it enough

If you are used to studying algebra with a certain intensity you have to understand that calculus requires almost double the effort to deploy. It is harder than algebra, where you should put long hours into the work to quietly understand derivatives and integrals.

As an approximation, after understanding a lecture you must solve a lot of problems to gain experience in derivatives and integrals. We recommend solving at least 100 problems for each of these subjects to get used to these complex topics

3 study it the wrong way

If you work hard and have solid foundations in the previous algebra courses, the only problem you will have is you study it the wrong way.

The famous mistake students make while studying business calculus is they don’t focus enough to lecture and jump directly to exercises. As a result, make they struggle to solve problems and fail in the course.

So the first thing is to understand a course well before jumping to exercises.

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