Integrity alignment

During a training program I took a few years ago, one of the trainers finally put words to something that had always been very important to me, integrity. He explained that to be able to act and speak with integrity, your mind, heart and guts need to be aligned and feel right. If any of these three indicates that something is off, it probably is.

We all have different reasons why we, more or less often, end up or stay in situations or relationships that don’t feel good. Or why we miss out on what we really would have liked to say, have or do.

Integrity requires honesty. Honesty towards ourselves and others. We need to take our thoughts, values, feelings, and guts seriously. And only say and act in line with what we want and can stand for. It can sometimes feel scary or uncomfortable, and when that happens we need to be brave enough to ignore the comfortable and instead challenge our fears.

Integrity doesn’t take courage –
but it takes self-respect and that you act in line with what feels right for you.

By acting and communicating with integrity, we release a lot of positive energy. Cause surely it felt great when you put your foot down and shared your opinion when someone acted badly? Or when you walked your own way, and succeeded with something that others around you tried to make you believe was impossible? Or when you ended a relationship that didn’t make you feel good?


  • Give yourself time to think about what you really want, instead of giving an answer that you will regret
  • If something is not aligned with your values: speak up, or stop doing it
  • Focus on what feels right to you, rather than what others think


  • Speak up in a situation where you’d normally don’t (but would like to)

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