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Multiple Integration | Double, Triple Integration | Scientific Calculator Casio fx-991ms
Multiple Integration | Double, Triple Integration | Scientific Calculator Casio fx-991ms

Use online and handy Integration By Parts Calculator to get the exact answer after integrating your function. All you have to do is provide the input expression and click on the calculate button to display the related output in no time.

Integration By Parts Calculator: Want to calculate the integration by parts of an expression in an easy way? Then you must go through the below sections of this page. Here, we are offering the simple and easy method to solve the integration of an expression by parts.

This page is all about calculating integration of an expression using Integration by Parts Calculator and the interactive tutorial explains each and every step of the process. This free calculator is easy to use because it is having the flexible user interface which helps to explore more about the concepts.

In mathematics, integration by parts is a special method of integration when two functions are multiplied. The following are the steps that help you in solving the different integrals. Follow them to do the integration of an expression manually


Question: Solve ∫x. cos(x) dx by using integration by parts method?


Given that,

∫x. cos(x) dx

The formula of integration by parts is ∫u⋅dv=u⋅v−∫v⋅du

So, u=x



∫cos(x) dx= sin(x)

By substituting the values in the formula

∫x. cos(x) dx= x.sin(x)-∫sin(x) dx


Therefore ∫x. cos(x) dx=x.sin(x)+cos(x)+C

If you want to simplify integration of multiple expressions without doing any mathematical culations, then go with our site and tap on the Integration By Parts Calculator link at the Calculus section to get the accurate results.

1. How is the product rule related to integration by parts?

From the product rule, we can get the integration by parts formula. It is used when integrating the product of two expressions.

2. How do you calculate integration by parts?

The formula to calculate integration of any product expression by using integration by parts method is ∫u⋅dv=u⋅v−∫v⋅du. The formula replaces one integral with another. It means the one on the right is simpler to evaluate.

3. What is the goal of integration by parts?

The main goal of integration by parts method is to replace a difficult integral with one that is easier to evaluate.

4. Compute ∫ x lnx dx by using integration by parts process?

Integration by parts formula is ∫u⋅dv=u⋅v−∫v⋅du

From that u=x, du=dx

dv=logx, ∫ logx dx=x(log(x)-1)+C

∫ logx dx= xlog(x)-x+C

∫ x lnx dx= (½)x2 log x – (x2/4) + C

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