Integrated Medical Center of Hyderabad: What Everyone Needs to Know

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Integrated Medical And Wellness Clinic – WLOX Expert Alert

Integrated Medical Center of Hyderabad: What Everyone Needs to Know

  • June 20, 2019
  • saxena

Ever wondered, what if the drugs prescribed by your treating Doctor does not cure your ailment? One logic reply to such question would be to change the Doctor.

But what if the same thing happens with other doctors too?

Try Dr Saxena Clinic, Best Integrated Medical Center of Hyderabad provides a different treatment option called “Integrative medicine.” Integrative medicine takes a holistic approach to your health wellness, as it addresses the root of the illness, reduces the side effects of medicines, long lasting results, and cure for chronic problems, etc. Visit Dr. Saxena Clinic and view the results for yourself.

Through this blog, we are going to explain the importance of integrated medicine, integrated medicine vs conventional medicine, and treatment given by a doctor, available treatment options at integrated medical centre, and the patient’s relationship beyond just a patient-doctor relation.

What is Integrated Medicine?

Integrated medicine is that branch of medicine which deals in the prescription of both conventional medication (prescription of drugs, radiation, surgical intervention) as well as alternative therapies such as Intravenous Chelation Therapy, Far Infrared Detox, External Counterpulsation (ECP), Anti-aging, etc.).

The success of integrated medicine is dependent, for the most part, on the treating physician. The treating physician has to do an overall inquiry into the patient’s lifestyle viz his/her eating habits, smoking/drinking habits, family medical history, environmental conditions, his job description, frequency of eating outside food and water, etc. which has its effect on the patient’s health.

Integrated medicine is about the treating physician delving deeper into the patient’s personal life in connection to the medical condition at hand and prescribing a mix of both conventional and alternative therapies. the doctor should monitor the patient’s progress from time to time so that the course of the treatment will be changed if necessary.

We, at Dr Saxena Clinic Integrated Medical Center of Hyderabad, design a personalized treatment plan by adopting one or more methods of treatment available across various medical disciplines to treat a patient’s health condition and to help regain complete health.

Difference between Integrated medicine and conventional medicine:

There are many differences between the integrated medicine and conventional medicines, but the main difference is the approach. Whereas conventional medicine treats symptoms and problems of a particular given area, but integrated medicine focuses on cause and prevention. Some of the differences are given below:

Conventional medicine Integrated medicine
Treatment options Surgery, drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. the treatment include Intravenous Chelation Therapy, Far Infrared Detox, External Counterpulsation therapy, etc.
Cost of treatment Expensive Cheap compared to conventional medicine
Key benefit Treats the symptoms of health condition Treating the underlying health condition causing the symptoms
Side effects Side effects vary depending on the mode of treatment and also depends on the individual’s allergies and past medical history None as treatment
How it works If you have a problem with inhaling or exhale, then you need to approach a general physician followed by a cardiologist or pulmonologist depending on the diagnostic studies An integrated physician after interviewing the patient holistically, devices treatment plan from various medical disciplines to identify the root cause and treat accordingly

Principles of integrative medicine:

  1. Patient and doctor to share a bond beyond the traditional patient-doctor bond. Doctor to have a sound knowledge of patient about his health condition, past medical history, medications he/she is on, mental condition, approach towards life, familial history of diseases, community conditions where he/she lives, job description, etc. In other words, the doctor should feel empathy with the patient’s condition.
  2. Both conventional and alternative methods are used Appropriately to stimulate the flow of Qi or Chi (body’s internal flow of energy) for the treatment of a condition.
  3. Whenever Effective possible interventions that are natural and less invasive should be used.
  4. As the saying goes, good medicine is based on good science,’ science of delving deeper into a patient’s life.
  5. Intervention medicine, alongside the concept of treatment, taps into concepts of health promotion and prevention of illness.
  6. Integrative medicine is all about trying various combinations of medical disciplines to see which of the combinations work the best.

Types of Integrated Medicine:

Integrated medicine most common treatment options available, which are combined and used with conventional medicine, are as follows:

  • Acupuncture
  • HBOT
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Intravenous Chelation Therapy
  • Far Infrared Detox
  • External Counterpulsation (ECP)
  • Anti-ageing
  • Animal-assisted therapy (Service dogs, miniature service horse, etc.)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Dietary supplements
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Massage therapy
  • Ayurveda
  • Homeopathy
  • Music therapy
  • Meditation
  • Yoga etc

Examples of integrated medicine for the most common conditions
Integrated medicine can help people with cancer in pain management and management of side effects of chemo, persistent muscle/joint pain from trauma, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and many other conditions.

Lower back pain can be treated with traditional medicine and spinal manipulation. Combination of acupuncture may also be considered for relieving of pain.

Meditation, yoga, massaging the head would tend to relax the body and drive stress away.

Physiotherapy is found to have a constructive effect in enhancing the lost range of motion of lower or upper extremities after an accident or trauma.

Breathing exercises or yoga is found to relieve blocked nose/nasal congestion.

some of the many conditions that an Integrated Medicine can help and here allopathic cannot help are the following:

  1. Coronary artery disease
  2. Depression
  3. Bipolar disorder
  4. Sleep disorders
  5. Attention deficit disorder
  6. Autism spectrum disorder
  7. Fibromyalgia
  8. Diabetes
  9. High cholesterol and obesity

What Everyone Needs to Know about Integrated Medical Center of Hyderabad:

We are living in a world where everything is time-bound, right from waking up in the morning till getting under the bed sheet to sleep. Health as is being neglected and short term remedies are being resorted to get up and run again catching up with the world. Now, would the short term remedy put a check on the underlying cause of the condition? There is a high chance of the issue recur at a later stage and with a vengeance.

We, at Dr. Saxena’s Clinic, are specialized in the art of Integrated Medicine. We call it an art as it is not an easy task to choose a combination of treatment options from a wide array of alternative treatment options. To zero in on an approach needs in-depth analysis of a patient’s lifestyle, familial history of medical illnesses, habits, environment, etc. This requires the physician to step into the shoes of the patient. Again, it is needless to stress that this kind of approach is patient-centric, differs from patient to patient.

Our approach to a medical condition is unconventional but effective. We request you to get in touch with us by booking an appointment with Dr. Saxena for a thorough understanding of integrated medicine and how we use it at large to treat our patients.

Why to Choose Integrated Medicine at Dr. Saxena’s Clinic:

If you ever had a chance to interact with your grandparents, they would have talked about homemade remedies made from greenies available in the garden/market or Ayurveda. They surely didn’t know what today’s conventional medicine was and even if they knew, they were apprehensive about trying it because the naturally available remedies were working best for them. Today’s famous conventional mode of treatment was in its nascent stage; then, the same is true about Integrated Medicine.

We, at Dr. Saxena’s Clinic, have always given priority for treatment options under Integrated Medicine, knowing the vigour and vitality it can bring about in the treatment of various ailments by resorting to a personalized approach.

To sum it up, the conventional mode of treatment in the form of drug pills, surgical intervention, etc. was followed since decades and was directed towards masses. A doctor prescribes a pill with a mixture of chemical compounds to tackle fever to whomsoever comes to his/her consultation complaining fever. Why can’t there be treatment based on an individual basis considering all the factors casting influence on that individual? Sounds interesting, right?

To find out if Integrated Medicine would help you in treating your health condition, do schedule a consultation with us by calling at our clinic number 040-23428989.

About the Doctor:

Dr Saxena is the founder and director of Dr Saxena Integrative Medicine Pvt Ltd, recognized by the DIPP Government of India. It is popular for developing a plan for the transformation of healthcare in India, which includes strategies for developing effective and affordable care for all Indians.

Dr Saxena considers each patient to be unique and seeks to combine treatment methods in both conventional and biological medicine to formulate protocols that are best suited to the individual patient. He has practised holistic and integrative medicine for over fifteen years and worked for over ten years as a Board-Certified specialist in Clinical Metal Toxicologist.

Over the years, Dr Saxena has helped people with chronic health problems using the latest advances in complementary & integrative medicine, which emphasizes science-based natural therapies in place of surgery & prescription medications. With vast experience in the field of Radiology (interventional), he has done extensive work in AUTISM & vaccine safety. He adopted chronic disease management programs using novel treatment procedures like detoxification, metabolic weight loss, nontoxic cancer therapies (immune modulation, nutraceuticals), external counter-pulsation (non-surgical bypass), Ozone & HYPERBARICS therapy for addressing various ailments. The essence of his practice is balancing the physiology and biochemistry at the cellular level by removing toxicity and & correcting oxygen levels.

The Author :
Dr. Saxena


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