Integrated Chinese Volume 3 Lesson 1 Vocabulary

Innovative Chinese Volume One: Lesson Four (Workbook) 2nd Edition
Innovative Chinese Volume One: Lesson Four (Workbook) 2nd Edition

Integrated Chinese (IC), Chinese name 中文听说读写, 中文聽說讀寫, Zhōngwén tīng shuō dú xiě (which literally means Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing), vocabulary infographics are now here! There is no doubt that “Integrated Chinese” is one of the most widely adopted Chinese textbooks among high schools and colleges in North America and beyond. The current version is the 4th edition. The names of the first three editions were Integrated Chinese Level 1, Part 1, Part 2, and Level 2, Part 1, Part 2; but the name of the newest edition has been changed to Integrated Chinese Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4. They have both simplified and traditional character versions.

Textbook, Workbook, and Character Workbook

In each lesson, no like volume 1 and 2, there is only one dialogue per each lesson, and our vocabulary infographics are designed based on each dialogue. It is perfect for students to learn and review, as well as for teachers to teach and use in the review section.

Cast of Character

Before we start introducing the new vocabulary, here are some character names we would like to mention first:

  • 张天明 Zhang Tianming, an American-born Chinese. He is a college freshman.
  • 丽莎 Lisha, Lisa Cohen. A college freshman. She and Zhang Tianming were high school sweethearts.
  • 李哲 Li Zhe, Zack Ruiz. A senior and a good friend of Zhang Tianming’s.
  • 林雪梅 Lin Xuemei. A graduate student from Hangzhou, China.
  • 柯林 Ke Lin, Al Collins. Lin Xuemei’s boyfriend also a graduate student.

Integrated Chinese Volume 3 (Level 2 Part 1) Lesson 1 Vocabulary list

Here is the list of the vocabulary from Volume 3 Lesson 1:

Chinese character Pinyin English
张天明 zhāng tiānmíng Zhang Tianming (a personal name)
gōng bow
cháng long
柯林 kē lín Ke Lin (a personal name)
新生 xīnshēng new student
研究生 yánjiūshēng graduate student
出生 chūshēng to be born
开学 kāixué to begin in a new semester
安全 ānquán safe
生活 shēnghuó life; livelihood
校外 xiàowài off campus
自由 zìyóu free; unconstrained
校内 xiàonèi on campus
搬家 bānjiā to move (one’s residence)
帮忙 bāngmáng to help
省钱 shěng qián to save money
liàng (MW for vehicles)
to leave (something) behind
好处 hǎochù advantage; benefit
比较 bǐjiào relatively; comparatively
不见得 bùjiàn dé not necessarily
适应 shìyìng to adapt

Vocabulary Infographic Lesson 1

IC V3 L1 Vocabulary Infographic

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We also have Integrated Chinese Volume 1 and Volume 3 ready.

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