Integrated Chinese, Volume 1, Workbook (Paperback, Simplified)- 4rth Edition

New Integrated Chinese 4th Edition available on the ChengTsui Web App™
New Integrated Chinese 4th Edition available on the ChengTsui Web App™

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EAN: 9781622911363

ISBN: 978-16229-113-63 // ISBN: 9781622911363
Year of publication: 2018
Publisher: Cheng & Tsui
Number of pages: 197
Languages: Chinese, English
Country of origin: United States

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This book is the fourth edition of the first level workbook of the method Integrated Chinese, designed for students who are starting to learn Chinese.

Integrated Chinese is a communication method that provides authentic Chinese texts with a very useful vocabulary of frequent use. It also includes sections that encourage students to learn vocabulary related to their personal interests.

This book provides exercises for listening comprehension, conversation, reading as well as writing and grammar.

This book is complemented by Integrated Chinese, Volume 1, Textbook and Integrated Chinese, Volume 1, Character Workbook.
Description by the publisher:

Integrated Chinese is an acclaimed Mandarin Chinese language course that delivers a cohesive system of print and digital resources for highly effective teaching and learning. First published in 1997 and now in its 4th Edition, it has become the leading Chinese language textbook series in the United States and beyond.

The Workbook of this time-tested series has been fully revised to align with the needs of today’s learners:

The Workbook and Character Workbook are also available through the ChengTsui Web App™. In the digital format, the Workbook exercises are presented alongside the Textbook content, and feature auto-grading capability. The Character Workbook is downloadable for handwriting practice. For more information, visit

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