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I Made a Cult that Worships Capitalism in Cult of the Lamb
I Made a Cult that Worships Capitalism in Cult of the Lamb

If you are live-streaming Cult of the Lamb on Twitch, you may already know you can connect your game to your Twitch account, allowing your followers to create characters in the game.

It’s an amazing way to interact with your viewers and ends up creating really fun narratives within the game, using your followers’ names. If you don’t know how to integrate your Twitch account with your Cult of the Lamb game, IGN has a great tutorial here.

However, the lifespan of your cult followers isn’t that big, since they will either be sacrificed, eaten, die of illness, or just old age. When a cult follower created by a Twitch follower dies, they won’t be able to simply create another one. There are a couple of tricks for that, and we’re here to tell you how to do it.

1- You can revive their characters using normal game mechanics

For this, you need to select the proper doctrine while evolving your cult on the “church”. When you attribute points to create new doctrines you can make choices on how your cult will run, and these are permanent, so if you want to be able to revive your Twitch characters, make sure you select the proper ones.

On the “Afterlife” doctrine category, there are these available options:

cult of the lamb afterlife doctrine options

If you want to be able to revive your dead followers, on the second tier, you need to select the Ritual of Resurrection. Since all these choices are permanent, if you already evolved your cult and did not select this doctrine, you won’t be able to go back, however, there is a workaround.

2- Here’s how you can “revive” your dead Cult of the Lamb Twitch character, even if you selected the wrong doctrine:

Although this wasn’t intended by the game creators, you can still rejoin the cult after your character died, in fact, you can join multiple times and have repeated characters on the game using the same Twitch follower. Here’s what you do:

On your stream, click on the Cult of the Lamb Extension on the right, and click “manage access”

After that, what you need to do is “revoke” the developer access, and grant it again. That’s it! The Cult of the Lamb Twitch extension will forget you created a character in the first place and will allow you to rejoin the character raffle to create a new one. If it doesn’t work at first, just refresh your browser, and it should work.

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