Horizontal Integration Summary and Forum

Media Studies – Horizontal Integration – Key Words
Media Studies – Horizontal Integration – Key Words

What is Horizontal Integration? Description

Horizontal Integration

Like its counterpart, Vertical
Integration, Horizontal Integration is a potential strategic move
which a firm may consider. Horizontal Integration means to acquire business
activities at the same level of the value chain. This can mean:

  • Acquiring activities dealing with similar products, so that synergies
    accrue and there is a degree of ‘sensible’ diversification. For example
    complementary confectionary products supported by the same basic marketing
  • Acquiring activities that are substitutes for one’s products.
    Hence a firm can cover the threat from substitutes implicated as one of
    Porter’s 5 Forces. For example Canon moving into digital camera’s.
  • Acquiring competitors. In this way reducing the threat from competition.
  • Completing the product range which is ‘expected’ by the customer.
    For example, Microsoft has pursued this strategy with its Microsoft Office

Usage of Horizontal Integration. Applications

Strategic Planning.

Steps in Horizontal Integration. Process

Integration Approaches

Strengths of Horizontal Integration. Benefits

  • Economies of scale.
  • Synergy. Economies of scope.
  • Defense against substitutes.
  • Reduction in competition.
  • Fulfilling customer expectations.
  • Increased negotiation power. Get more leverage over powerful suppliers
    or customers.

Limitations of Horizontal Integration. Disadvantages

  • Synergies may be more imaginary than real. A famous example was
    SAAB with its cars and aircraft.
  • Substitutes market is often very different. To turn an acquisition into
    a success is a big and lengthy management challenge.
  • Reduction in competition, or even a monopoly, may lead to anti-trust

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