Here’s a sneak peek of the 2023 Acura Integra interior

Photos: Zac Palmer / Autoblog

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Acura staged its Integra Prototype at a display at the Rolex 24 at Daytona this weekend, inviting enterprising amateur and professional photographers alike to sneak a peak at the interior thanks to the bright Florida sun. The photos you’re looking at here are ones we took at Rolex, and they essentially reveal what the 2023 Acura Integra’s interior will look like. If you recall from the car’s initial reveal, Acura did not show photos of the Prototype’s interior.

Before we dive too deep, though, we can tell that while the design appears to be final, some of the finer details are still a bit rough. Not all of the plastics, surfaces and badging look final, so don’t expect everything you see here to directly port over to production. That said, this is still an awesome sneak peek at the upcoming Integra that we weren’t expecting to get.

From what we can see here, the interior design seems to take a cue from the Integra’s underpinnings, which can be traced back to the sporty Honda Civic Si. Photos posted to show the prototype’s dash before Acura’s reps covered the upper portion to hide it from view. In them, you can see the mesh air vent design that debuted on the Civic, albeit with a different execution here (that treatment runs the full width of the dash in the Honda). Plus, the touchscreen infotainment rising from the dash is also in plain view.

The seats look like Acura’s latest seat style as opposed to Civic Si seats, and they even feature a neat two-tone black and white design. What does appear to be a direct Civic rip is the steering wheel, which gains an Acura badge and what looks like the rough outline of an A-Spec badge for Integra duty. We’ll note that this likely means that the Integra will be offered in A-Spec trim, just like every other new Acura on sale today. The original Integra was never sold as an A-Spec in the U.S., but the RSX Type S (named Integra outside the U.S.) was available in A-Spec trim.

Another difference between the Integra interior seen here versus the Civic is a new door panel design. Very little changes in the rear bench, though, as it’s featuring the same drop-down armrest and pair of USB ports for rear occupants. The Integra Prototype is notably longer than a Civic Hatchback, but we didn’t see any discernible increase in utility in the back. That extra usability could come via the hatch instead, but that’s one area of the car that wasn’t visible when we tried to photograph it.

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