Geometry Towels & Cloth Napkins (Save 15%!)

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I felt like I was constantly on the hunt for the perfect kitchen towel until I found Geometry. I was looking for a sustainable option that also held up well and worked to clean up messes and absorb liquid in the kitchen. Oh, yeah — I wanted the towels to look great, too! I found all my criteria — and then some — met thanks to Geometry, and now I get to share this great brand with YOU at a 15% discount! Just use the code CURIOUSER to save 15% on your Geometry order. (Now the hard part: choosing your towels. There are SO MANY beautiful ones to pick from!)

But wait — there’s MORE from Geometry to love. We have been using their cloth dinner napkins for months now, and they are THE BEST AROUND. They wash so well (and look completely new after being pulled out of the dryer), look great, and feel so nice, too. We made the swap to cloth napkins back in 2020 and have since loved discovering the Geometry napkins and using them every single day at our house. Just like the towels, use the code CURIOUSER to save 15% on all things Geometry — napkins most definitely included!

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