Geometry Terms Vocabulary Words List from A to Z

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Geometry is a section of mathematics relating to terms like points, lines, and shapes.

Geometry Vocabulary Words for Kids

So, here is a list of words related to geometry for a complete beginner.

Term Meaning
Point A dot
Line Segment It is a line within two points
Intersecting Line Segments Line segments which intersect each other
Parallel Line Segments Two line segments which never meet each other
Perpendicular Line Segment Line segments that form 90 degrees when they intersect
Angle The space between two intersecting lines
Acute Angle An angle less than 90 but more than 0 degrees
Right Angle An angle which exactly measures 90 degrees
Obtuse Angle An angle less than 180 but more than 90 degrees
Exterior Angle An angle formed on the outer side of two parallel lines when a third line intersects the 2 lines
Equilateral Triangle A triangle having its sides and angles equal to each other, (angles = 60 degrees)
Isosceles Triangle A triangle having its 2 sides equal to each other
Scalene Triangle A triangle with unequal sides and angles
Acute Triangle A triangle with all angles measuring lower than 90 degrees
Obtuse Triangle A triangle with one angle that measures more than 90 degrees
Right Triangle A triangle with an angle that is equal to 90 degrees
Circle A round figure with no sides and an equidistant center
Radius A line from the equidistant centre of the circle to the surface
Square A shape with all equal sides and angles
Rectangle A parallelogram having 4 right angles
Rhombus A parallelogram with all equal sides
Parallelogram A shape with parallel and equal opposite sides
Polygon A closed shape bounded by straight edges
Quadrilateral A quadrilateral is a polygon with 4 sides
Pentagon A shape which has 5 sides
Hexagon A shape which has 6 sides
Heptagon A shape which has 7 sides
Octagon A shape which has 8 sides

Let’s have a look at vocabulary related to Circles, We know that a Circle is a set of all points in a plane at a given distance from a given point in the plane. But there are some terms related to circle like arc, radius, diameter etc. which describe its properties.

Let’s have a look at common words related to circle with their definitions:

Word Meaning
arc a part of a circle
congruent arcs arcs that have the same measure AND are in the same or congruent circles
central angle angle whose vertex is the center of a circle
circle set of points in a plane that are equidistant from a given point
chord segment that has both endpoints on the circle
concentric circles circles that are coplanar and have the same center
congruent circles circles that have congruent radii
circle circumscribed about a polygon circle that has contains all the vertices of a polygon
circle inscribed in a polygon circle that has sides of a polygon as tangent lines
diameter chord that contains the center
radius segment whose endpoints are the center of the circle and a point on the circle
secant line that intersects a circle in exactly two points
semicircle arc with measure exactly 180 degrees
tangent line that intersects a circle in exactly one point

Minor Arc

A minor arc has a measure that is less than 180D .

Major Arc

A major arc arc has a measure that is greater than 180D

Inscribed Angle

An angle whose vertex is a point on a circle and whose sides contain chords.

The knowledge of these terms will help your kid in understanding the subject more efficiently.

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