Geometry Dash SubZero

Alexveer Dhinsa

Really fun game, I love the features made especially for this game, like the portals that work differently to the actual game, and the green orbs that switch your direction. There is alot of glitches in the final level, Power Trip, such as when the wave reverses, it’s really easy to accidentally miss the flip trigger and you will go into an empty part of the level and beat it before the percentage even reaches 100.

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Pherah Musa

I really love this game and its music. But at some point,it all starts freezing, and my cube can’t jump even after I tap. And sometimes it’s annoying because I recall there are many times when i was about to hit 100% and it wouldnt jump or it started getting slower and my jump wouldn’t fit in that moment and so my cube would crash. The problem can not be my phone.It’s new. Every game has its own ads,but the number of ads on this game is frustrating. After you leave a level, there’s always an ad.

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Elder Fauth

I love it. The levels are so beautifully made. They glow and shake and sometimes stay static. Rather than just going from left to right, the levels will all of a sudden switch directions. Rather thsn the camera being just there, the camera zooms in and out, which is awesome, cuz then u can see the detail they put into the game. The levels are hard, but the music and fast pace make up 4 it. P.S If u want no ads, put ur phone on airplane mode

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