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Geometry Dash Official Animation
Geometry Dash Official Animation

Before learning how to get geometry dash for free, let’s know more about the Geometry Dash first.

Probably, you like spending your downtime playing some of the most mind-engaging yet funny games of our time. If that is the case, then the Geometry Dash game is your thing. Geometry Dash is a mobile game where you must fly through the air and complete geometric shapes to progress. As you advance, you can upgrade your characters through gameplay to compete against other players favorably. When you win against all of your opponents, you carry the day as the best geometry player in the world. The good news is that you can now play the new game version on your iOS and Android devices.


What do you know about the Geometry Dash game?

Geometry Dash VS. Super Mario Run VS. Incredibox

What gives Geometry Dash an upper hand over the three apps?

Why is the Geometry Dash game my favorite game?

How to download Geometry Dash for free?

How to download Geometry Dash World Hack iOS for free?

How to download Geometry Dash World mod apk for free?

Many players feel that Geometry Dash, Super Mario Run, and Incredibox are similar to these three games. Let me analyze them for you today to understand these three games more clearly.

Geometry Dash game is a unique and popular rhythm-based gaming platform that you can enjoy on your iOS, Android, or Windows devices. Although it is a one-touch action platform, it is challenging enough to reflex your skills as you lead a square-shaped character across the various simplistic-looking worlds. As you advance with the game, you can easily personalize your characters by unlocking new colors and icons. When you get the full version, you can access an online level editor where players can create personal levels and share them with others to enjoy. Graphics. The game has simple control tools and graphics. It is among the most popular puzzle games in the world. It has engaged millions because of its stimulating and fun levels. If you want a challenging game, try this game now.

Super Mario game. It is a mobile-based 2D platform-arcade game designed by Nintendo. The game allows you to resume Mario’s roles for once, but complete control over Mario himself might not be granted because of the auto-running. However, you can still manage to jump him.

It keeps the most fun and interactive music experience. Probably you like excitingly composing various songs. Incredibox is both a game and a music game. It lets you organize your preferred music with guidance from beatboxes merry chew. You can choose your preferred musical style from among the eight favorite atmospheres, lay down, record, and share your music mix with your friends.

Typically, the app is a part tool, part game. The Incredibox is technically the best for the visual and audio experience, as it is becoming the norm with people of all ages. Indeed, over 70 million players are already using Incredibox.

The right combination of graphics, music, animations, and interactivity makes this game ideal for everyone.

Supported Devices





Geometry Dash




Super Mario Run








Geometry Dash vs. Super Mario Run vs. Incredibox.


Geometry Dash

Super Mario Run


Style of Painting

Geometry Dash paint was released two months before update 3.0.

It is only accessible through Mobile.

It has 6 words, each containing 5 levels. Each level has a simple painting and modern painting style.

1. World 1 Red color.

2. World 2 Green color.

3. World 3 Blue color.

4. World 4 Yellow color.

5. World 5 Orange color.

6. World 6 Purple color.

The Super Mario 64 paintings are mainly used to travel from the Mushroom Castle to other game levels, including Bob-omb Battlefield.

Certain paintings are found in unique themed rooms, e.g., the aquarium theme for Jolly Roger Bay’s painting.

Most paintings feature yellow frames, although other paintings come in different colors, e.g., the Wet-Dry World has a blue color.

The Incredibox has 8 game versions and each version with its unique color.

Version 1: Alpha

The voices are not colored. However, they usually fade with pink and purple.

Version 2: Little Miss; purple

Version 3: Sunrise; Yellow

Version 4: The Love/ AX Boat; Lavender with yellow hints.

Version 5:Brazil: Blood red with Brazilian Indigenous

Version 6:Alive; Burnt orange with navy blue or dark blue hints

Version 7: Jeevan: Light green with a pink hint

Version 8: Dystopia: Teal in color with an orange hint

Game levels/ Words

The game has 6 worlds.

There are 64 different levels.

There are 8 game versions available.


You must fly through the air and complete geometric shapes to progress.

Join Super Mario as he runs across the three different words.

Tab or click on the screen to jump. Tab or double-tap to double jump. To float, click and hold.

Keep creating crazy beats! Pump it up and chill for unique beats.

Game Features

Once you finish the six worlds, you will come across a large paint glob full of paint.

It would be best if you got the key in the vault to open the inaccessible paint bunch.

Get a star for completing each level. Stars can be used to unlock new game levels.

Collect coins for performing stylish jumps, wall jumps, and midair spins.

Keep on gathering coins until you reach your goal.

Use the money earned to buy new and advanced costumes.

Voices are typical sounds that expose either chord or vocal symphonies.

Play online/ offline

You can play online for free and on full screen.

No installation or download is needed to play this game on Panda Helper.

Download from Panda Helper Games and enjoy the game directly on your Mobile phone, Tablet, and Windows device.

You can play online for free and on full screen.

Download and install to play on your Mobile phone and Tablet from Panda Helper Games.

Download the app and play on your Mobile device.

Geometry Dash features various gameplay modes and characters to unlock and play. You can unlock new characters by completing levels and achievements as you advance to higher game levels. The player can play the game on a single screen or online with other players. The game currently has twenty-five characters available, and new characters are added periodically. You must fly through the air while completing various geometric shapes, such as triangles, circles, and squares. The goal is to complete as many shapes as possible to score more points. Next, I’d like to share with you what gives Geometry Dash an upper hand over the three apps.

First, it is one of the most engaging mobile games available.

Second, you can use your Android, iOS device, Windows, or web browser to play the game.

The gameplay is mainly based on tapping to rotate the plane and move through the geometric shapes, but some powerups and obstacles can affect the gameplay. Get rewarded with stars for completing game levels. You can use these stars to unlock new game levels and characters.

And you can compete with other players to become the best player globally.

Although I was initially addicted to this game, it helped me improve my focusing ability. Indeed, it helped me improve my high school grade due to improved memory retention and focus. One great thing about the game is that it is easier to track my playing time to balance my study and gaming time. I also prefer playing on my computer because I’m always on my phone, limiting my time with the game.

After playing the game for over three years, the game has helped me hone my reflexes so that I can survive any ambush game today.

Many players may be confused after knowing so much about the Geometry Dash: how to get Geometry Dash for free? If you have the same doubts, you have come to the right place.

Here comes Panda Helper. We don’t need to be afraid of how to get Geometry Dash for free. We can get the Geometry Dash for free from Panda Helper. And the Geometry Dash World Hack has the following hack features:

– Unlock All Colors // All Colors Usable.

– Unlock Editor // Editor and other buttons enabled.

After learning how to download the Geometry Dash World Hack, some Android players may be afraid of how to download the Geometry Dash World mod apk for free. Today, you can download it from Panda Helper too. After downloading the Panda Helper on your Phone, search the Geometry Dash World in it. Then install and enjoy it.

Name Geometry Dash

Category Games

Developer RobTop Games AB

Version 2.11

Update 2018-05-21

Languages English

Size 83.90MB

Compatibility Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Other Original Version

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Geometry dash

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